We are changing the bail out system from requesting "Apology letter" to paying a "fine" this might be the best option for everyone instead of creating apology letter, so here it is by giving a second chance to those who are caught hacking or proven user of third party program. This is your second and final chance to get your account back. Anyone reported for hacking can have a chance to claim their account back, even those who posted apology letter they can have their chance but you'll be paying a fine of 12usd/500php to bail out your account.

If you ask why we set 12usd/500php cost for a fine? this is because setting the fine more expensive will only limit the players chance to change, not everyone can afford, and if we set the cost for a fine very low, players will think "it is Ok to violate game policy". Just like any other game servers, we don't tolerate any hacking attempt and we want to eliminate all possible abusive hackers.

We hope that our way of providing bailout system will change you to play fair and only real gamers play the game.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: If I were blocked again can I have another bail out?
A: Depending on the situation if this is your 2nd bail out you will be charge another 12/usd or 500php but normally 1 bail out only per account.

Q: What is the objective of bail out or purpose?
A: We provide a one ticket on giving you a chance, a way of changing you to play fair. And we believe players deserve a chance.

Q: Who can avail bail out?
A: For violators who abuse the use of 3rd party programs, no cool down, speeder, damage hack, dungeon hacks... or reported twice, thrice or even 5 times hack attempt you can still have bail out and as long as you own the account there will be no problem so be sure to use the same email when you request the bail out. If you're a verbal abusers, impersonator or bug abusers then bail out is not for you. And please note bail out is available only after 15 days, since the day your account is blocked.

Q: Is the bail out system permanent?
A: Yes for now.

Q: Is there an item wipe out before releasing an account?
A: Yes. We will investigate every single characters on the said account and check the items if it came from illegal farming and if it is then we have to confiscate it or wipe out.

Q: Can I be suspended again after bail out?
A: Yes, if you continue cheating and still taking advantage of those 3rd party programs, our eyes are set on you!

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