Mouse Right-click drags
Camera rotation
Character movement (advance/retreat)
Screen rotation (the left side/right side)
Skill Slot Page Selection
Item extraction window
Skill Window
Party Window

Quest Window
Message/Mailbox Window
Option Window
Chatting input window calling
Screenshots (Screenshots will stored in the ScreenShot folder located in your CABAL application folder)
Mouse scroll or
Camera Zoom In/Zoom Out
Strife Right/Left
Pick Item
Num 1~0 Skill Slot (selection/use)
Character Status Window
Buddy/Guild window
Equipment/Item Inventory Window
GPS Window
Guild/Buddy window
Help window
Game menu window
Camera View Selection

Mouse actions:

  • Show details (when the cursor is placed over the objective).

Left click:
  • Drag and drop items.
  • Pick up items.
  • Select items/Characters.
  • Select answers on quests.
  • Move your character until the point clicked (if you click on the floor).

Right click:
  • Adjust camera (if in free view).
  • When clicked on a name or char, it automatically opens the Chat in "W" (whisper) position, with the name of the character clicked. You can use it also from chat.
  • + Shift Separates stacked items (in inventory).
  • When used on items in inventory, automatically equips them.
  • When used on equipped Board summons it.
  • When used on Transmuter/Potions/Return stone actives it.
  • Used on Skill bar actives the skill.

Mouse wheel:
  • Zoom in/out