These Terms and conditions MUST be read before donating any amount of money to AsCabal.

Any person that had donated and hasn't read these Terms and conditions will be considered to have accepted them.

Donators are advice to read this terms before donating, Any changes made to the TERMS and CONDITIONS means you AGREE to those changes.


* 1. Submission of a donation to, "AsCABAL via the email using the system" (later referred to "AsCABAL", "server", and "us") is a voluntary action completely unnecessary for game play on this server.
* 2. Submission of a donation to, "AsCABAL via Western Union/LBC" (later referred to "AsCABAL", "server", and "us") is a voluntary action completely unnecessary for game play on this server.
* 3. By submitting any type of monetary unit to AsCABAL, you agree that you are not entitled to receive anything from AsCABAL. This form of donation is completely voluntary, and is for the betterment of the server AsCABAL and the entire AGN community. The "eCoins" or "Item Package" as rewards are given to those who have donated as a thanks to you for your continued support of the server AsCABAL.
* 4. By submitting a donation via paypal/western union/lbc/bank deposit to AsCABAL you agree to the terms presented in the following 11 lettered statements (A-K), and their subsections:
o A. You will at no time recall your payment from AsCABAL.
o B. You will not dispute the charges incurred to your paypal account from your voluntary donation to AsCABAL. If you attempt in opening a dispute your game account will be suspend.
o C. You will not dispute the charges incurred to you by Western Union from your voluntary donation to AsCABAL unless a compensation is available during promo period.
o D. You realize that this is a voluntary donation, and in being a donation it is not refundable.
o E. You understand the concept of a "donation" and "voluntary", and agree to all the aforementioned rules (see subsections i and ii).
+ i. Donation [doh-ney-shuhn] - Noun - an act or instance of presenting something as a gift, grant, or contribution.
+ ii. Voluntary [vol-uhn-ter-ee] - Adjective - done, made, brought about, undertaken, etc., of one's own accord or by free choice.
o F. You will not refund/change any items you bought from cash shop due to a mistake purchasing it.
o G. You will not beg for an extra gift/points in your account.
o H. You will not make any confusion, fake, wrong details or mislead us via email this will result into account temporary suspend!
o I. Your paypal account must be "VERIFIED" the AsCabal will NEVER accept any donation IF the account is "UNVERIFIED"!
o J. If you do not agree to these terms, or didn't send "I affirm" on email, or cannot honor this contract, do not send in a donation.
o K. We accept only paypal, western union, lbc and bank deposits, the sender will be you not someone else.
* 5. About made Donations:
o A. A donation item that has been broken, lost or robbed will not be refunded.
o B. You will not request for a refund or items convert into cabal cash this will never be allowed unless an issue occured and the original value will be cut into half.
o C. If you exchange any kind of item with another player, you are the only responsible of your acts. By exchanging an item you are accepting, and therefore trusting another player. We are not responsible for any loss of that or any other type.
o D. We don't accept change of donation items between servers. If you donate in one server your items cannot be moved to another server.
o E. All the donation that you have send to us(email: via WU, LBC, Paypal, Bank deposit are all TRUE, any confusing details or false donation may result into accounts suspension(even accounts on same IP might end up getting suspend) w/o any warning. Contact us immediately on our email! However, Accounts may be restored when new email confirmation is sent but the main donator account will remain suspended until the transactions is claimed/verified.
o F. We don't accept donations to customize your characters, request such as custom items/craft/stats/promo item(s) replacement.
o G. Compensated eCoins combine with donate ecoins is allowed but with additional 25% base on #6-B.
* 6. All our donation promo is final and it has 30 days our longest duration for promo. If a donation is sent advance or late you won't be able to avail any promo so please check the date here for current donation promo period before sending donation.
* 7. eCoins Exchange Terms:
o A. Same donation terms will be applied to any eCoins Exchange request.
o B. We've given everyone so much time to spend and send in their request for eCoins exchange this time all late request(after May 2013) we will deduct 25% on any recurring ecoins exchange requests except for new donates and GA Gift voucher.
o C. Sending request without ecoins will means fraud attempt we'll suspend the account.
o D. You can donate for ecoins and combine your compensated ecoins, you can use it for any package. however the 25% will remain for any ecoin exchange request
o E. GA can request any package but they cannot avail promotion.
* 8. About HBR / Happy Birthday ring, because of a high damage for this accessories we will limit donators to equip only 1 pair per account. If you were caught equipped with 4 hbr your account will get suspend without any warning and donators who have this accessories will go under investigation. We will also change your HBR to char-bind item. The use of 4 HBRS are temporarily allowed.
* 9. If we caught you hacking you'll get an account banned, even if you're a donator/VIP your status will not protect you.