Serious Game Offenses and Hack Policy

Important: Players are advised to safe-guard their own accounts as they are responsible for any actions done using it. Accounts that are caught for illegal activities will face penalties as stated, regardless of whether the illegal activities were done by the rightful owner or otherwise.

Game Hacking
Usage of third party software, memory editors, trainers or debuggers (Hack tools) in altering the Game which may/may not lead to an unfair advantage in game play over other players. (E.g. Speed hacks, god mode hacks, Duping, Damage Hack, no skill cool down hacks.)

Penalty for Hacking
  • Game Account Permanent ban

Penalty for Requesting of Game Hacks or Hacking websites

  • Game Account Permanent ban
  • IP range ban

Penalty for Selling/Trading, Advertising of Hack or Website/Hacking

If we caught you selling account, equipements, items in real money you'll get account ban or even trading account to official cabal is prohibited. We will also confiscate the items that came from illegal trade or corrupt GM Staffs w/o any warning.
  • Game Account Permanent ban
  • Position Demote

Exploitation of Bugs/Glitches
It is inevitable to encounter bugs or glitches in all games. Players who discover any bugs or glitches in game should report the situation to the Community Moderators immediately. Players will be penalized if they are found to be making use of the bug/glitch for their own interest, regardless if the course of action may or may not lead to an unfair advantage in game play over other players.

  • Penalty for BUG/Glitches abuse(All sorts): 10 days suspension
  • Penalty for dungeon hacks: Game Account Permanent ban
  • Guild War abusing "Attacking inside": 5 days suspension
  • Mission War "Battle Mode 2" w/ Legacy Weapon abuser: 5 days suspension

Promoting of Private Servers
Any attempt to advertise private servers for CABAL Online is strictly prohibited as it will greatly affect the community, and may possibly lead to scamming of players’ login information.

Penalty for Promoting Private Servers
  • Game Account Permanent ban

Account Phishing
Account Scamming
Account Hack
Any attempt to induce another player in revealing his/her user ID and/or password through any means.

Penalty for Account Scamming(If Proven):
  • Game Account Permanent ban

Note: No LOST/SCAMMED/HACKED items will be given back!

Use of Prohibited IGNs/Impersonation
For simple reference, avoid:

  1. Impersonation of GMs, CMs, Moderators, AGN Staff, GAs, NPCs that will mislead or cause confusion to other players.
  2. Sexual context.
  3. Obscene body organs.
  4. Vulgarity or otherwise offensive, or may cause confusion.
  5. Names that is or may be illegal or is or may be protected by trademark or other proprietary rights laws.
If we believe that the account was created to mislead, confuse or annoy other players with the spelling of the name, the administrator will limit the account/game access and request the player to delete the game character or rename. It is suggested that the players find other alternatives and do not use the choice of name in doubt.

Penalty for Use of Prohibited IGNs/Impersonation
  • Game Account Suspension
  • Copying Tags(Staff): Game Account Permanent ban

Policy for all Players, Staffs and even Game Advisers

1. Please respect all the staffs, including Game Advisers especially the GMs/Admins, obey to their requests.
2. Game Advisers or the Staffs are allowed to ignore anyone who disrespect them, in game or outside the community.
3. Don't say badwords/profanity/insult or annoying words to anyone else playing here in AsCABAL.
4. Do not ask to be a member of the AsCABAL staff. Asking to be a GM might result into account suspension!
5. Do not beg or ask for free items, alz, or anything else.
6. DO NOT give your password to anyone not even GMs! A real Game Master will never ask for your password!
7. Do not say "NOOB" or else you'll get PKed by anyone even staffs or GA.

No Compensation Rule and Disclaimer

Effective immediately, we shall no longer compensate hacked/scammed items or gold/In-game currency. A player is responsible for the security and confidentiality of his/her account password, including the various uses of the password, whether authorized or unauthorized. AGN does not guarantee that its portal and corresponding game websites are free of any harmful software, and that the same is hack-proof. Account Security is therefore the sole responsibility of the account holder. As such, you are earnestly enjoined to take all security measures reasonably available to safeguard the operating system and accounts when accessing the Games and the websites.

AGN reserves the right to deny any request for item return, compensation, character restoration and account reset. The NETWORK shall not be responsible in any way for loss or damage to any player’s account including but not limited to, character statistics and skills, account particulars and items lost. In NO event shall the AGN be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or consequential damages.

We advise all gamers to be vigilant in protecting their own game accounts.

Changing your account passwords on a regular basis is a good start. Also, please be vigilant in checking the details of the in-game items you will be trading with other gamers before accepting a trade. Lost items due to negligence in trading transactions will not be compensated.

To check out additional Account Security Tips, please visit the Account Security Section of our Community Forums.