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  2. At ng aKing Mga Ka sHop
  3. Tiuroan na pOH ako ni Hype
  4. Character name:Moora
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  6. This can be helpful specially to not adik lvl
  7. CharacterName:iRenz25
  8. CharName: iDyanSaid
  9. ser sayo nalang poh ako nag post ng picture
  10. 1. Choose a free image hosting site. Example: open link click choose file select your picture 2. click upload now 3. answer the solve media. click upload now 4. copy the IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards paste here in forum like this
  11. Yesterday
  12. pa no poh mag post ng picture
  13. CharacterName:zChrist
  14. Pa Ano Poh Mag Send Ng Picture Dyan
  15. CharacterName:Yael
  16. CharacterName: QueenLeny http://
  17. CharacterName: Queenleny
  18. character name: nedajh
  19. Character name:Sinonchan
  20. CharName : Dandy
  21. username remove.
  22. Charname: HypeBeast
  23. CharName : FBdan
  24. AsCabal Social Media Event Screenshot Like & Share How to join: Post your screenshot in this thread edited or not Registration will end on September 30, 2018 Rules: 1. NO multiple Entries, 1 person is to 1 Entry. Penalty to those who have multiple entries will be suspension of account for 30 days. 2. Indicate your Exact Character Name in your entry. 3. Once your entry is posted DO NOT rename your character. Your entry will be disqualified. 4. Character must be at least CR 19 Level 190 Example: CharName: [SP]SiNomer Judging is based on the number of likes and share. The winners will get the listed Prize. 1st. sigmetal 30% armor set outrageous no ups 2nd. palladium weapon. craft winner choice no ups 3rd. 2pcs permanent costume winner choice
  25. Sir@alohashin please visit email thanks.
  26. Last week
  27. what do you mean?
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