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  2. Events: 1. KILL THE GM Prize: 3 pcs SEHH duration:5 days 2. DROP EVENT Prize: 10 pcs Potion of Luck (100m Alz each)
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  4. thanks to nomer ..
  5. up talk nomer in skype
  6. nice event sir EM
  7. Like what...Nomer said before ... You have your Skype Group Chat
  9. 1. Combo Event: 5 winners Prize: 1 pc SEH per winner 2. Drop Event Prize: 10 pcs Potion of Luck (100m alz each) 3. Vend Event Prize: PCHH, PCH, SGHH, SGH, Face Kit, Hair Color Premium, Hair Style, Durated RW3+15 RSA
  10. 1. Kill the GM Event Prizes: 2pcs SEHH, 2pcs SEH, 1 Pet Sleeping Kit lvl10 2. Combo Event Prizes: 1pc SEHH, 1pc PSK lvl10, 3pcs PCHH, 3pcs PCH 3. Drop Event Prize: 10pcs Potion of Luck (100m alz each) 4. Vend Event Prize: 8pcs SGHH and 8pcs SGH
  11. Poor Liki!
  12. tag removed.
  13. Ouch Demoted
  14. No Explanation Needed . [GA]Liki will Be Demoted. Thank you For Reporting
  15. sad demoted :/
  16. 1. Kill the GM: 2 winners Prizes: Rename Card and X-Gen Card 2. Vend Event Prizes: PCHH, PCH, SGHH, SGH, Black Suit Costumes
  17. Please remember that you can only use Filipino language to Filipino section
  18. 1. Bring Me (Items): 5 winners Prizes: 1 PCHH + 1 potion of Luck (100m alz) 2. Drop Event Prize: 5pcs Potion of Luck (100m alz) 3. Vend Event Prizes: PCH, SGHH, SGH, Hair kits and Hair Color Premium
  19. pa update po natatambak na po kasi salamat :)
  21. pa up po ng server salamat po..
  22. nah... all you to do is request through email... using the registered email on your account..
  23. sir my account are block couz im inter wrong sub pass how can i recover my account please help me
  24. Yung Christmass tree sa Bi Para dama ang pasko
  25. EVENTS: 1. Drop Event Prize: 10pcs Potion of Luck (100m alz) 2. Vend Event Prizes: SGHH, SGH, PCHH, PCH, Hairkit Style and Color, Facekit Premium, Costume (Assassin Sakkat) & Potion of luck(100m alz) 3. Kill the GM Event Prize: 3 pcs Pet Sleeping Kit (3 winners)
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