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  3. Thanks For That Event IGN:Yael More Power AGN!
  4. 1. Kill GM feat. Orca 4 winners (SEHH, SEH, Potion of luck (100m)) 2.Combo event 2 winners (Pet Sleeping Kit lvl 10,Potion of luck (100m)) 3. hide and seek 4 rounds (Pchh and Pch)
  5. When We Can See If [EM]iiiStrong Or [SP]Nomer Have A Coming EVENT?
  6. Old:buratcha New:MongoloidVsPipe
  7. NC Suggestions :D
  8. maganda yan para mag sibalikan players at dumami pa..
  9. mas maganda siguro kung mag papa event through fan page (social media) para mas makahakot ng mga players. -trylang ..
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  11. 1. Kill GM event 3 winners (Pet Sleeping kit lvl 10, 1 Potion of luck (100m alz )) 2. Bring me event 4 winners (Hair kits, PCH) 3. Vend Event (PCHH, PCH, SGHH, SGH, Face/Hair kit, Potion of luck (100m alz)
  12. this thread for forum display name not in game name
  13. Nice Event :) I Wish More Event Are Come:) -More Power AGN!
  14. Here is a post where there is an event for everyone to get online to get more items
  15. July 01, 2018 1. Summon Orca 2. Summon Minisha
  16. 1. Kill GM event 2 winners (X-gen, rename card) 2. Combo Event 5 winners (Face and Hair kits) 3. Vend Event (PCHH, PCH, SGHH, SGH, Hair kit)
  17. bat d makapasok sa server palagi lang loading?
  18. old: MangYanShooter new: Kalaban
  19. im sorry boss
  20. again stop using tagalog if you have anything to say, say it in english, you are not in the pilipino section
  21. Stop commenting using Tagalog language you are not in "Pilipino Support" section you should know better your a Game Advisor.
  22. hehehe dami ko na loot na epic fc wala man lang maganda nakuha hehehe!
  23. June 24, 2018 1. Summon Orca 2. Summon Minisha
  24. merun pa yan event dami pa SGHH SGH
  25. Thank you [EM]iiStrong, for that event i hope more events soon.
  26. Mini Events: June 23, 2018 1. Kill the GM > 2 Winners ( SEH and SEHH) 2. Drop event (Potion of Luck 100m alz) 3. Vend Event > (PCH, SGHH , SGH , SEH and Hair Kits/colors)
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