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  2. 1. Bring Me (Items): 5 winners Prizes: 1 PCHH + 1 potion of Luck (100m alz) 2. Drop Event Prize: 5pcs Potion of Luck (100m alz) 3. Vend Event Prizes: PCH, SGHH, SGH, Hair kits and Hair Color Premium
  3. pa update po natatambak na po kasi salamat :)
  5. pa up po ng server salamat po..
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  7. nah... all you to do is request through email... using the registered email on your account..
  8. sir my account are block couz im inter wrong sub pass how can i recover my account please help me
  9. EVENTS: 1. Drop Event Prize: 10pcs Potion of Luck (100m alz) 2. Vend Event Prizes: SGHH, SGH, PCHH, PCH, Hairkit Style and Color, Facekit Premium, Costume (Assassin Sakkat) & Potion of luck(100m alz) 3. Kill the GM Event Prize: 3 pcs Pet Sleeping Kit (3 winners)
  10. pa up naman po thanks :)
  11. 1. Kill the GM - 3 winners Prize: 3 pcs Pet Sleeping kit lvl10 ; 1pc per winner 2. Drop Event Prize: 10pcs Potion of Luck(100m) 3. Vend Event Prize: PCHH, PCH, Face Kit, Hair Color, SGHH, SGH
  12. Well i haven't loothed but im hoping sooner it will drop...
  13. 1. KILL the GM Event Prizes: 2 pcs PCH @ 3 winners 2. Vend Event Prizes: PCHH, SGHH, SGH, Hair color, hair style kit & facekit
  14. why here in forum? you don't have a skype?
  15. wow nice thanks [GA]Liki :*
  16. Follow up po daw ng event prizes ng mga nanalo sir . Godbless po
  17. veteran package
  18. OLD:xzednanreh NEW:aldwin
  19. 1. Combo Event: 3 winners Prizes: Hairkits, Face Kits and 100 each winner 2. Kill the GM: 3 winners Prizes:SEHH (durated 5 days)
  20. @nomer

  21. @nomer

    ako'y lubos na humahanga sayo dahil sa idad mo nakaka laro ka ng maayus at nakakagamit ng forum hindi lahat ng player ay maronong gumamit ng forum pero ang bata ay bata minsan hindi nila alam ang ginagawa nila. salamat sa kagustohan mo na maging isang game advisor ng ating server play this
  22. @nomer

    Dont push yourself to become [GA] Because [SP] Told you that you is a kid so focus on your study.Set aside playing ascabal.Play Online games if your homework is already done. Focus On Your Study.
  23. @nomer

    bro 18+
  24. @nomer

    Sir gusto kopo maging GA pero denenied nyo po yung apply ko kasi focus studies pero pwede ko naman i cocontrol yung oras ko sa pag LARO at pag study at kung d parin kayo payag sir ok lang naman sir....
  25. Its November ilang araw nalang December na Malamig na malamig na simoy ng hangin ♥ Sana this coming Christhmass May event Yung Ikakagalak ng marami player . Para maramdaman Naman namin Pasko Sa Ascabal . I hope You have a Plan :) salamat po Godbless Nagmamahal Ascabal Player
  26. Im agree for this . Nows a days many player have scam /hack This law must Always know all and to reminders to all player . In forum or in the Game.
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