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  4. up sir
  5. done done stop spamming warning
  6. late update december 25, 2017 Kill GM event winners 1.[GA]Zephyr 2.Mona 3.Leww 4.XxbrayanxX 5.[GA]xKristiNe Vend event February 3, 2018 Kill GM winner 1.ILAXUSFa13 2.lLAXUSFa13 3.ChanleeChanx 4.Sinonchan 5. Seinarukishi February 11, 2018 Scramble words Winners 1.HOUND 2.Xiang 3.ChanleeChanx 4.Yael 5.LowPriorityWI 6.XSweetBladerX 7.NoonaXD 8.Aquanofs 9.Rizza06FB 10.xsam
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  8. UP
  9. Still hoping for this!
  10. up
  11. windows 8 and above OS .. xtrap not supported to our server :)
  12. please make sure .. off your anti virus before downloading & install client ... coz our client have false virus
  13. Is this Possible to Increase WAR EXP for some duration of time :)) A week / A month :) FOR US! Who's Still being Loyal to this Server :)) -TIA
  14. hinack niya account ko pati yahoo changes nya tas yong account ko ni retrieve nya hays walang kwenta ascabal kongmaynagaganap na retrievan hehehe tingnan nyo ibang player tinatamad na mag laro hehehhe =(
  15. #Moved post all proofs you have
  16. #Moved
  17. Please READ " GA Rules & Regulations " And " GA Agreement & Application Guide " Please use english in forum . There is a FILIPINO support here . Just explore so that no warn from staffs.
  18. Mga boss ASK lang kung anu mga requirements sa pagiging GA
  19. Facebook is out of AGN's concern. Only ingame proof are valid.
  20. as i can see.. compensate is also ended ..... at ung mga account na galing sa episode 2 WIPEOUT NA po yun!! Kahit may donate kapa dun o wala hindi na mahahabol dahil wala ng server na episode 2 ngayon .. u better create your new account now!! kahit site iba nadin .. hindi na yung pang episode 2 -_-
  21. hola? hablas espaƱol?

  22. pano yan e d na kami makakabalik sa cabal kong mag ganyan pang yayari!
  23. You all know that Selling/Buying accounts is prohibited, GA's always remind all the players by shouting that rule, but you still buy accounts from unknown players with no complete info. You broke the rule, you take the risk. Btw those proof are not enough. Anyway let us wait the reply from the Admin or GM and please stop spamming this thread.
  24. wow gumamit kapa ng dummy Fb ha ? Wala naman kwentayan di totoo yan dapat sa AGN ang transaction para ma bat lol baka ikaw Nino malibran II?kaw bayan
  25. Scammer
  26. ito sir
  27. wew
  28. misscolumbia forum kuyan ahh
  29. IKaw nga hiniram mo ung forum ko tapos dimona binalik
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