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  2. SiR Ano po yung Event
  3. SiR Ano po yung Event
  4. Last week
  5. Congrats sa nanalo
  6. Clue THE Helpdesk/Old record/cabalmain hack
  7. first Image Prize for this week Amulet Of pain+7 2slot (30days)
  8. BL set sigmetal <3
  10. SER 2 pca pall OUTRA po pala bago laman po outra din :D hindi po extended :D salamat po
  11. 2 pcs Palldium Blade CDI Perfect :D
  12. 2pcs Brazil Soccer Uniform
  13. is there have a consolation prize sir??
  14. 1st: QueenLeny 1.5k 2nd: iDyanSaid 1.3k 3rd: [GA]Gray 332 photos link entry congratulations guys.. thank you to all participate. The winners will get the listed Prize. 1st. sigmetal 30% armor set outrageous no ups 2nd. palladium weapon. craft winner choice no ups 3rd. 2pcs permanent costume winner choice iDyanSaid reply here for your craft choice outra or anni [GA]Gray reply here for your costume choice
  15. boom it strike again 8:11am 10-12-2018
  16. bb+

  17. Earlier
  18. sana nga kasi kulang yung skill point yung iba hangang lvl 10 lang skills
  19. bump :)
  20. AHHH sige po sir pag madami nalang pong player
  21. AsCabal Forum Hunt Event VI Rules: * Every week a GM will hide a Screenshot of his choice in an old thread or post (editing the post). and the reason for editing will be “Forum Hunt Event VI" * The user who first finds it and posts the link in this thread wins * The picture can be in any post or thread of Announcements or Game Discussions. * The prize will be change every week Possible GM’s will edit the post are: [SP]Nomer [EM]Istrong Event start on october 14, 2018
  22. pasensya na huli ako ng pag check sa forum
  23. time check 8:12am pero called game na agad?
  24. after 10mins waiting in lobby then entering tierra gloriosa less than a minute boom called game
  25. ps. so it can be lv20 all
  26. is it possible to increase skill point to learn more skills like the other server :) for example forceblader ... it can learn all cannon skills also debuff skills.
  27. pede kaya ang legendary box eh wala ng uchh or uch na nakukuha? Bukod sa ca6
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