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    before reply please read the rules. First 3 reply in this thread with IC1 screenshot like this Rules: 1.same spot 2.type i love AGN in any public chat /t /l /n is allowed 3.Post your SS And your exact IGN Recommended FONTS: use comic sans MS bold 14.0 Reward: 3x Perfect Core (Highest) 7days 1 Potion of luck 100M EX Charname:[EM]Nomer i check this out tomorrow
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    Agree ako d2 master Lester. Kc napakadalang ng ibang parts aside from Armor. +1
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    The WAR of the GUILDS revealed! "Defend your Existence!" Mechanics: 1. Compose a team of 6 participants/players in your guild. (2 same class is ALREADY allowed) ex. 2 FA, 2 BL, 1 WA, 1 FB or 2 WA, 2 FA, 2 BL 2. Register in the forum indicating the following: Guildname :______________ Guild Master (IGN):______________ Members :_____________ :_____________ :_____________ :_____________ :_____________ example: Guildname :Exodus Guild Master (IGN):iStrong(WI) Members :Justice(BL) :KillMe (WA) :LostOne (FB) :hAPPY (FS) :ShooterFace (FA) 3. The battle will depend on the Number of guild that has registered. *if there are more than 10 guilds, it will be double elimination *if there are less than 10, it will be a round robin battle, highest two (2) guilds in the ranking will play for the Championship round. 4. Registration will end on March 31, 2018 5. The winners will get (each participants who played) the listed Prize. CHAMPION - 30% Forcium set (no ups) (account Binded) 1ST RUNNER-UP - 30% DRei Frame (no ups) (account binded) 2nd RUNNER-UP - 30% Sigmetal Set (no ups) (account Binded) Consolotion Prize - 200m (alz) each 6. The Registered Character will receive the prize and NO change of items once it has been sent/given. RULES during the Event: *The participating Guild will play in Undead Ground Channel 2 *Participants must temporarily leave their home guilds to join the guild headed by the tournament facilitators (GMs). *All character abilities or skills (including Aura) can be used except for Battle Modes 1, 2, and 3 *Usage of All buff potions or holy water potions is allowed. *A dead character must resurrect in the Undead ground town and is not allowed to resurrect by using an [Odd Circle] *Characters who already acquired 31% full set are Prohibited to Join. *Refer to the uploaded Map the Limit of the Guild War *First Guild to Kill 10 players wins the Round *Characters Title will NOT be ALLOWED. NOTE: Once you break ONE of any of the rules,your guild will be AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED from the Event. so, what are you waiting for?! REGISTER NOW! and WIN THE VERY EXCITING EVENT OF THE SUMMER! HAPPY GAMING ADIKS ^^..
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    The most awaited event has come "Slay the Giants Event" Starting this Coming October 15th Schedule: October 15-17 22-24 29-31 Drops
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    Server will be down for maintenance Estimated Downtime: 1-2hrs the maintenance is for Slay The Giant Event
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    Here is the event that players are waiting for a long period of time..it has been approved!..lets enjoy hunting..Happy gaming adiks ^^
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    sorry about reply issue in this section that's why i'm considering your thread as a entry winners 1. [GA]LesterFB here 2. Virtuoso here 3. asassinator reply in this thread jenneth18 I know you're third but you do not follow the rules