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    before reply please read the rules. First 3 reply in this thread with IC1 screenshot like this Rules: 1.same spot 2.type i love AGN in any public chat /t /l /n is allowed 3.Post your SS And your exact IGN Recommended FONTS: use comic sans MS bold 14.0 Reward: 3x Perfect Core (Highest) 7days 1 Potion of luck 100M EX Charname:[EM]Nomer i check this out tomorrow
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    The most awaited event has come "Slay the Giants Event" Starting this Coming October 15th Schedule: October 15-17 22-24 29-31 Drops
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    Server will be down for maintenance Estimated Downtime: 1-2hrs the maintenance is for Slay The Giant Event
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    Here is the event that players are waiting for a long period of time..it has been approved!..lets enjoy hunting..Happy gaming adiks ^^
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    sorry about reply issue in this section that's why i'm considering your thread as a entry winners 1. [GA]LesterFB here 2. Virtuoso here 3. asassinator reply in this thread jenneth18 I know you're third but you do not follow the rules
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    Server will be down for maintenance Estimated Downtime: 2-6hrs(depending on workload maintenance may extend till afternoon) the maintenance is for patch v1.71 We apologize for the inconvenience
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    Summon Event, Drop Event, Combo Event, Q&A, Vend Event