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  1. sir i want to request the logo of my guild ... this the name of my guild ProcyonPrideALLSTAR

    agn # [GA]Moora


  2. Good day sir Alohashin its me Yelena your x staff. i've just dropping by to say if im still welcome to play here. i know the issue last time that i did not do...

  3. Sir pa request nga po nang papalagay lang po namin ung logo nang guild namn KR0NOS  


  4. Sir maayos poba ung missCINDY ko

  5. No need to request change forum name. It should be done thro your Forum Name > Account Settings > Display Name let me know if it doesn't work.
  6. nyare po sa ascabal sir


  7. ok sure
  8. server is UP!
  9. Server will be down for maintenance Estimated Downtime: 2-6hrs(depending on workload maintenance may extend till afternoon) the maintenance is for patch v1.71 We apologize for the inconvenience
  10. Server is UP.
  11. We apologize for the inconvenience the server will be down temporary so we can apply the patch version 1.70
  12. server started. Thank you for the support and patience
  13. hello, We are planning on shutting down the server temporary to prepare it for hardware test. I'm already in contact with the main host and they're waiting for our response, at the moment we are creating backups before we submit the server box to the host. They stated in their response, the estimated downtime is approximately 4hrs. Honestly I can't tell if this issue is hardware but we'll find out. If ever the test succeed and everything is tested w/o issue then that's good but still I need to reload everything this is going be another schedule of downtime. I will update this topic again.. We apologize for the inconvenience ~ AGN Staff
  14. bakit delay ang server ngaun ??