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  1. server is UP. Thank you for your patience
  2. Server will be down for maintenance Patch version 1.77 We apologize for the inconvenience~ Edit: SERVER IS UP~
  3. Server will be down for maintenance Patch Version 1.76 We apologize for the inconvenience~
  4. server is up. maintenance completed.
  5. estimated within 3 hours or before 12:00
  6. Server is UP.
  7. Server will be down for maintenance Patch v1.75 We apologize for the inconvenience~
  8. Server is UP.
  9. Server will be down for maintenance Patch v1.74 We apologize for the inconvenience ~
  10. Server is UP. Thank you for your patience
  11. Server will be down for maintenance Patch v1.73 We apologize for the inconvenience
  12. Requirements: Guild master, the Photoshop for creating emblem and DDS Plugin 1. First step, download the DDS plugin and extract the dds plugin folder in your Photoshop Plug-ins folder. 2. 2nd, in your Photoshop, File > New > Preset: Custom then change width and height to 16x16 pixel. It is the maximum size that we have on the client next is, you have to make your own emblem design. Once done save the emblem as dds format. 3. When you're done creating you have to change the format gld. for gld format I'll be the one who will create it so just send me an email with (attach on email) and I need to know the guild name, see below quote. Note1: Incorrect format will be ignored Note2: Once you send the request, don't change your Guild Name. Note3: Your new emblem will be available as soon as we get at least 5 emblem request. Note4: I will not respond to any Guild Emblem request in private msgs Note5: Emblem request will only be approve if you're a guild master and make sure to use the same email you registered on your game account when sending emblem request.
  13. No need to request change forum name. It should be done thro your Forum Name > Account Settings > Display Name let me know if it doesn't work.
  14. ok sure
  15. server is UP!
  16. Server will be down for maintenance Estimated Downtime: 2-6hrs(depending on workload maintenance may extend till afternoon) the maintenance is for patch v1.71 We apologize for the inconvenience
  17. Server is UP.
  18. We apologize for the inconvenience the server will be down temporary so we can apply the patch version 1.70
  19. server started. Thank you for the support and patience
  20. hello, We are planning on shutting down the server temporary to prepare it for hardware test. I'm already in contact with the main host and they're waiting for our response, at the moment we are creating backups before we submit the server box to the host. They stated in their response, the estimated downtime is approximately 4hrs. Honestly I can't tell if this issue is hardware but we'll find out. If ever the test succeed and everything is tested w/o issue then that's good but still I need to reload everything this is going be another schedule of downtime. I will update this topic again.. We apologize for the inconvenience ~ AGN Staff
  21. Guide on extracting manual patch First of all, this is for manual patch NOT XTRAP fixed so please don't reply regarding xtrap issue here. If you have issue downloading through auto-update via our patcher, downloading manual patch is recommended. 1. let's begin, make sure you have 7-zip installed if you don't have you can download from HERE and install. The reason we use the 7zip format is the compression level and better compression compare to other software. 2. Second thing you wanna do is check your current ascabal patch version(to find out which version your ascabal client ran, open your ascabal folder find a file name version.agn open it on notepad that will tell the version you have) in this example let say I have 1.05a patch(take note of the version you have then proceed checking our manual patch lists) CLICK HERE to check manual patch list. as you can see we have 5 available patchs compressed in 7z file format(don't worry 7z is like a winrar/zip). check image below: at the moment we only have 5 patches available compressed in 7z format. Note#1: every time we publish updates, new patch is uploaded for patching through our patcher and a manual patch file is also uploaded in our patch lists. 3. In my previous example, I've mention version 1.05a patch in my client. see image below:(marked in red) as you can see in image above, the 1.05a patch is in the manualpatch list number 3, between 1.02a-1.06a, that means I'll start downloading manualpatchs #3, #4 and #5 Note#2: just remember to download all of the manual patch depending on which version you have so in my example, I need to start downloading #3 and all of the available patch to the last patch number in .7z 4. Once downloaded just extract the files(7z format), copy all and replace all existing files in your AGN Cabal folder, in my case it will be in "C:\Program Files (x86)\AdikGaming\Cabal Online". Replacing file will depend on which location or directory you installed ascabal but in default installation it should be in "C:\Program Files ##\AdikGaming\Cabal Online" mine, In this case copy and replace all so I'll just do the same on the remaining manualpatch next is #4 and then next is #5! Remember extract the patch by number order depending on your patch version in my example its on #3#4#5 I'll start extracting from #3 then #4 and #5, extract one by one. Tips: You can also do the shortcut "Extract Here" what I mean is copy the patchnumber.7z file in your cabal folder then right click > 7-Zip > Extract Here > "Yes to All" that's it! Once again If you are having issues downloading through our launcher, failed twice or multiple times failure downloading auto-update, you need to STOP because your IP might get listed in our http antispam(patch host), means auto-blocked so instead of downloading multiple auto-update that fails/repeated, we recommend downloading our manual patch.
  22. Temporary XTrap Fixed 1. This will be a temporary fixed for xtrap and it is NOT recommended if you do not know what you're doing. First of, search for a file name hosts in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\ Image 1.1 2. Open hosts in notepad, and you will see something like this, see image 2.1 and 2.2 below: Image 2.1 Image 2.2 3. This is a temporary solution to get you connected in game so, with the hosts file open you have to add this IP you can also add our dns either of the two, choose 1 only Note: the # sign, the # sign is a comment means the system will ignore anything added after the # lines. It will look like this see image 3.1 below Image 3.1 when you're done editing just save and close. 4. If it works you will see the xtrap is downloading / updating, see image 4.1 Image 4.1 5. Please keep in mind its only a temporary solution! When main xtrap updates completed updating we will set everything back to default and you have to delete the line you added in Image 3.1(marked in red) The URL provided by AGN for the xtrap are all trusted than any other updates uploaded. So please be cautious when downloading other XTrap fixed because you might get virus or keyloggers from compressed files. Clean and working XTrap files > Click to Download < "Extract Here" in your Cabal folder
  23. Server is down temporary We need to check the system, clear some caches and including the dungeon records. * System Clear caches * Dungeon Records updates every 60 minutes * Fixed strange errors in Undead B3F entry reported by [HT]Rize Edit: server is UP. Thank you for your patience
  24. updated, no one should get issue downloading manual patch. If mediafire is blocked on your location. Let me know and I'll provide additional mirrors. Please be careful downloading from someone's rar because it might contain viruses or keyloggers. Downloading from our provided urls is highly recommended.