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  1. welcome to adikgaming community.

    Best luck

  2. idol PM mo ako sa YM.. oh kaya FB asap...

  3. Sony...

    lets talk in private... pm me in YM.

  4. Pangeeeeeeeeeeeet!

    Tenk you,

  5. I don't recall where the button is since i can't see it anymore. But i think it's right under his name, next to the PM button. If not, try viewing his profile. Should be there.

  6. There's a button which can be used to check the name change history. Either that, or he just used the IP tools.

    how to check the name change history hre at forum??

  7. sony can you add the GA and forum group to this player....

    IGN: Tifalock

    Forum name: tifa

    IGN: mhine13

    Forum name: hennx...

  8. pa ganda ng paganda sig mo ah hahaha

  9. unsaon gane 2ng uban maw?...

    ipasa ug usab maw kay wla nasave tong uban nga pics

  10. mao rah ni nga usa maw?

  11. dili ko ka send ug msg. nimu

  12. unsaon gane tong ikaduha maw?