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  1. Louder!
  2. There are some tests that has to be made before the server goes online. Mainly the focus is on restoring default BSLV ep8 quests. It wont take long.
  3. Topic cleaned/updated.
  4. updated.
  5. Ty, this is just a start, more is about to come. Some of stuff mentioned here wont be in a first patch (xmas patch) but for sure they will be introduced later on. There is really alot of stuff that is beein worked on and most likely they will be split into a parts so the patching can go without any unnecessary issues.
  6. Updated.
  7. Aviva is correct. We are not moving to newer episode, its just an content update with some features that are possible to add into a ep8 schema. With that beein said, there wont be any character or account wipes. @Legendary Noted.
  8. Hello everyone, Its been quite some time since we updated some major patches but as promised we are close to release this one. In this topic we will share some of our thoughts and our development process. Keep in mind that some of this stuff is still in dev and for sure it may take some time to prepare. This topic will give you close review to the stuff that we are currently working on. So lets get to it; Allright, lets talk about some fixes first: Skills 14/12/2014, patch 1.24/25 - Corrected the names and skill description for ep10 skills, they are now synced with official cabal us description ( ex. Blader "Seven Seals" is now known as "Infinity Blaze") - Cleanup of some trash data connected to ep10 skills such as bfx values ( trash animations, now cleaned up and will improve the "fps" of a client) - Preparation for some upcoming changes in ep11 korea, some skills are been developed so we are making the space for it. When it comes be sure w/l have it. - EP11+ buffs were released on test korea. We started with implementation - Implemented sound effects for both ep10 and 11 skills/buffs - EP10/11 Buffs implemented + custom Blader buff Nation War Bonus, patch 1.24 - Implemented automated system to give Nation Bonus once per week, at specific time the reward for winning Nation( The reward will be calculated based on win/lose ratio in 7days. The nation that won most battles in that week will recieve the reward (ex. Green Warps)) Items: - With the changes made to DF armors in last patch, we calculated new value for upcoming new items. - Fixed some armors links with client .ech. It should reduce the "shiny" effect abit to properly show the armors effects - Implemented new box system. Yerte/Eite weapon boxes and Agris Armor Boxes patch 1.24 - The system will be explained upon the release in the patch notes. - Final Update has been made for Elite Foricum, preview below patch 1.25 - Added Halloween 2014 weapon costumes - New Items: We decided to go with 2 additional new item sets. By the appereance it will be customly made DF and Archridium. Some of the parts are still beein developed and their stats and purpose will be updated in this topic as we move to release day. How to get them, where to farm them? It will be explained later on. We have several ideas, yet we still have to decide their purpose and system that will be behind them. Below there will be 2 examples of custom DF, keep in mind they were originaly made back in EP2 and we didnt have time to release them due the leak of ep8 server files. Now we decided to push that forward and with the ep8 system available we got some more space to do that properly. Keep that in mind when looking at screenshot below cuz its been taken on ep2 client and ep8 version is improved alot( ex +15 effects): Notice: This is just an example of new DF sets, Arch is still beein developed and by the date of release we will have that rdy. Also the images will be posted in this topic Maps patch 1.24 - Several changes has been made to Arcane Trace: Unlocked the camera movement ( you will be available to rotate the camera like on other maps such as BI) - Corrected the Npc warps in AT, warp in/out adjusted - Fixed the map code for AT, it should show properly now - Added aditional warp NPC in Port lux to AT Mobs: -Updated the attack animation of Arcane Golem, corrected the timers: patch 1.24/25 -Started the implementation of new bosses, still in progress. The example below: patch 1.25 EOD B3F 14/12/2014 patch 1.25 - Pretty much everyone know what that means, probably the hardest cabal dungeon up to date. Now on our side, the dungeon is almost complete. We tryed to make it as much close to retail one as possible and i think we are close to accomplish that. The part that we are currently working on is quests inside the dungeon and animations/skills of boss monsters. The entrance will be placed in UG with the same entry item that official cabal use. Now we cannot promise that this dungeon will be released in this part of updates but be sure that once we finish it, youl know! - EOD B3F has been implemented. The dungeon is fully operational with working quests inside. Atm the progress is 99%, only droplist missing. Its quite possible that B3F will be included in patch 1.25. Some screenies below: Now lets talk about other updates to our current features: - Several changes will be made to WEXP and DP shops. Our plan is to improve the quality of our shop and implement some more interesting rewards for those that do dungeons and participate in NW. Current stage is planning and more info about that will be posted in upcoming days. - There will be some corrections in dungeon drops, specially the chests. - More to come.... Philosophy of these updates: As the time goes on everyone wants something new, we understand that with these updates our plan is to bring some fresh content. We decided to go with additional sets and weapons, few new maps and alot of corrections in shops/drops. Hopefully as time goes on the new updates that we planned will see the light on the main server. Some may wonder, why does it take that long? Well the answer is our real life. Most of our free time is spent on working with cabal, its not much but we will try to bring you some exciting updates and something new to play with. All aditional updates will be posted in this topic, feel free to comment. AGN Staff Introduction To Nostalgic Forest patch 1.2x - Nostalgic Forest was originally made for Mission Battle system (ep11 KOR). Since ep8 dosent support Mission Battle system we decided to use this map for something else. Not that long ago, we recieved a suggestion about the guild maps. I thought that it could be a good idea and with abit of imagination we could end up with something really cool. In this topic il explain our NF concept and what has been made so far. Basic Information: - Entry level: 180+ - Warps: GPS Premium warp and NPC warp (Port Lux) - Nation: No Nation restrictions Boss monster encounters: - Enraged Tempus - Enraged Drei Frame - Enraged Ancient Dragon Drops: - Legendary Cube (Rarenium Weapon) - Legendary Cube (Rarenium Armor) - Key of Shadows - Pet Card - Tempus - Pet Card - Arcane Golem Notice: Nostalgia updates are not final and they are subject to change. This is early (alpha) stage and changes are yet to come!
  9. Custom made armors/weapons can be attractive to certain players (sometimes). However there is a problem. Overreacting with custom models can completely destroy(lets say fantasy) of Cabal online and its meaning. Can we have something like that Iron man on our server? Yes, ofc but does the idea of Iron man belongs to Cabal online? That can be very much questioned. We have some ideas in that "custom" section however its kinda hard to find right balance. Certain models, from armors to weapons has to match Cabal fantasy in order to have aleast minimmum meaning in the game. There are some sets that are currently in the development, unfortunately its goin "kinda" slow mainly cuz of IRL stuff (job, college, girlfriend( she needs some more attention lately >.<)). By any means, we are always open for suggestions and i would like to hear some thoughts from the players.
  10. Due recent strange behaviour of Mission War channel, we decided to temporary disable Mission War until we solve the issue. With that said, its our top priority now and will be fixed soon. Sonsen
  11. DSGuard has been excluded from official client and moved to a test server for additional tests. The client will be updated with fixed xtrap that should let everyone enter the game even without editing "hosts" file. Ty for your feedback about the DSG, we gathered all necessary info to continue our testing with new anti hack solution. Its been a ruff week, ty again for the patience and hopefully everyone will be available to enter the game.
  12. We are working on additional patch for xtrap. Took us more time then expected but it will be done soon. If possible we would ask for a little bit more patience, atleast from ppl that has problems.
  13. Xtrap solution is coming up later today. The possible fix should work for all the players that are unable to enter the game via hosts.
  14. What is the DSGuard? -DSGuard is anti-hack software developed by DataSoft for cabal online. -DSGuard blocks all current/known exploits, cheats, CE, mcl patchers(wallhacks) and many others. -Supports IP/MAC logger for every client logged to our server with providing the exact info about the players using 3rd party softwares to exploit the game mechanics. -DSGuard checks the integrity of client files(.enc files) and provides us the info if any player tryes to modify our client. -DSGuard is developed to support winxp/vista/w7 and w8. FAQ ->1.Mine client crashes when i try to enter the game( client is loaded but it suddenly shuts down) -Your client will crash if any client modification is done to a client without approval of DSGuard. If any client file is replaced the client will crash( Modified custom skins, potential mcl swaps, maze removal and so on. Your client will work only if no change was done once its fully patched. To prevent such a issues you need to use clean client with files only provided by us. No other client will work except ASCabal. ->2.Mine client crashes suddenly while im ingame? -Your client will crash only if 3rd party program is executed and detected by DSGuard. To prevent such a issue, stay away from any cheats and client modifications + case 1. Overall, the DSGuard is implemented to provide everyone fair and fun gameplay, to keep the server clean from a players that are ruining everyone's game experience. If you are fair and normal player the DSGuard wont be a problem for you, yet it will keep the game clean so everyone else can have fun, not just cheaters. We understand that during past few days the server had some technical issues and we are aware of that and some players maybe got frustrated abit with the decisions we made but i can assure you, everything we done so far was for a better game experience and we will continue to improve the game for our community even further then this. The optimization will go even futher with DSGuard and Xtrap in order to minimize the issues.
  15. We are working on the issue, possible solution will be released soon with along with the new anti hack system. Ty for the patience.