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  1. hello sir jin can you chek  Username:gawhe8212
    >>    Character name:XxCrushNBurNxX
    >>    Character Job:warrior

  2. For almost 5years playing this server and having fun with this community. I could tell that this is the 1st of 5 years of christmas that i ain't playing with you guys. So for all my friends, family and wanna be friend xD Merry Christmas!
  3. Old: Zangetsu New: Jin Thank you Anne :)
  4. Don't ask me how. GO figure it out by your self!

  5. 6 times - 5am, 9am, 1pm, 5pm, 9pm, 1am
  6. i just saw the mail you sent me with listing name on it,
  7. it is possible to change the date to saturday so some of my members can join? including me anyway, because friday 4pm would be 1am in the morning friday in our time zone,we got work, so why dont you guys change the date so not only people who lives in philippines who can join?
  8. Shinigami, Brawn
  9. i wonder if our account will be merge to ep8 account or shall we start from scratch?.. bunch of people are trya to ask me thru Fb nor YM asking about this, even tho i dont work with this community anymore,"it annoys me" but i want to give them a formal answer,
  10. i wonder if u can change my name without putting it back from its original, old: Jin New: Zangetsu
  11. i have no problem wiping out my items if the donation rate is kinda low and affordable. this EP8 thing is Fun when the base rate are same like Ascabal EP2. i've tried so many EP8, server,quitting after i played 6hours, isn't fun though. yea they got the latest update and bunch of new stuff,but the real Deal playing private server isn't there, so. this EP8 update will probably hit the Top list if we got some unique future base on EXP and some Drop rate,.22%amp for donator and 14% for normal would be Great :D
  12. ScreenShot image has been saved in "D Client SIMPCabalEP8" heh, didn't expect you got some connection on this Server, anyway. nice job, hope you'll complete this dream come true since 2008, we're just hoping for EP3. and u suddenly bring us EP8, good Luck :)