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  1. If I might make a suggestion looking for a way to remove this heavily taxing anti-cheat and instead implementing an autoban feature in the source code to make the server handle all of the anti-cheat instead of the clients to the servers and back and forth like that, with the correct auto-ban setup you can pretty much stop all hacking dead in its tracks, assuming y'all have the source and don't have an external dev, I can provide some example code in java from other games that might be applicable/useful, holla at me Sonsen
  2. Read that from the bottom one up... Kinda failed :S

  3. and I feel that I could bring an extra gathering of MMO players onto your network which would benefit you in allowing us to purchase VPS/Dedi's off of you as well as the additional funds you may recieve from people who may not like our maplestory server but might enjoy your other fine MMO servers and may donate. Please be in contact with me and I hope to hear from you soon.

  4. you'd be interested in the future, we may be able to, and willing to run under the same flag as you. If you'd ever be interested. I would also like to inquire about the monthly pricing of your servers.

    Please keep in mind in the time I was gone, I was Sole GM over the top Maplestory private server in the world, Aurasea, for the last 8 months before it was shut down. I've ...

  5. I know I sort of vanished off the face of the earth, but we've begun a new project, me and a team.


    Getting a Maplesea Private server running as we'd tried running a maplestory global server here before when I had failed.

    I just wanted to show you that I'm well on my way to getting one up and running, and if ...

  6. I would be part of the staff, I just wouldn't have the full (GM powers in game or something) just until I get used to the game, and controls again on my new laptop, then I take on full GM responsibilities, still staff the whole time

  7. If u want to use gm acc u need to back to agn staff , i wont allow u to use gm acc without being part of staff

  8. Since I need to get used to Cabal again, I was wondering if you'd take me back on as a GM, but not mark me as so to anyone, Do not change my forum status, do not modify my characters, and let me warm up to the game while still keeping a vigilant eye on the game where I need to (I.e takeing care of in city server ads/bad named shops and all of these type things.)

    Let me know if th...

  9. Happy belated birthday, Last activity was on the 19th I see, It's been 11 days, where are you at?

  10. As soon as one thing hits 25 votes, yes, I will

  11. I see, no Maple for now eh. Well I guess I'll still drop in once its off hiatus and back running strong. And yeah I seen you have been doing changes and stuff to the forum, ever gonna fully implement the rep system?

  12. MS servers on temporary hiatus while I sort crap out, just running full time forum admin.

  13. Howdy mam, mam being Maple-Admin-Mikeh. Lol yeah I said go for GM back in the day, I leave due to personal reasons, come back and your running a damn Maple server. Well its good hearing from ya, I'm not a Maple fan but I might drop in to see what your doing :P

  14. And you told me to go straight to GM! Look at me now, Admin Mikeh.

  15. I'm glad you're politically correct, yes I'm in north America, but I hate being associated with The USA (United states)