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  1. Server down. When trying to connect, clicking okay in the login screen does not do anything. Please fix Admin.
  2. Now the server is so lag...What's up team? Can we restart the server?
  3. Still the same issue with server. Once connected, servers would not let you in and will take forever. Once you're connected, you'll get disconnected.
  4. Unable to connect to server again....Please reset the server...
  5. Unable to connect...zzzz...Got to reset the server...=)
  6. You may want to do clean boot. I can only think of one thing causing you not to be able to connect, FIREWALL. Do the instructions below: 1). First determine what is your Antivirus/Firewall, as it may be one of the same. 2). Hit Windows +R in your keyboard provided that you are using a Windows PC 3). Type msconfig on the run box 4). Now on the system configuration page, there are a couple of tabs 5). Go ahead click on Startup first, uncheck all items here 6). Go click on the Services tab, down below the window there is a checkbox that says "Hide all Microsoft Services". Go and put a check mark in it. 7). Now in the middle of the window, uncheck all the items (the service for the Antivirus/firewall should be included here) 8). Hit Ok and Ok again. This will prompt you to restart the PC. Just restart it to let the changes kick in. Try to connect now. See if it works. Get back to me when it doesn't work. Thanks!
  7. My Character : BabeshieNina [i want to join so i'll post my character screenshot named -[/b] BabeshieNina] Fierceless Flame Blader BabeshieNina