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  1. Don't bother Admin with some useless messages! Remember, the other GMs are here for some reason!

  2. GMs are not allowed to create accounts. And don't discuss this subject here!

  3. Now he is 14.

    Happy Birthday !

  4. Name: David Miguel Gonçalves Age: 27 Birthday: July 30, 1982 Location: Alhos Vedros, Lisbon, Portugal. Dedication: AdikGaming is a family, a great community, and its where i spend part of my attention. I play AdiksaCabal, and i'm one of the Great Game Advisor Staff. My fully dedication to the server is to help it, and help anyone who needs. Note: Just like Garrett said : Don't try to mess with the server, this is our home and we love it. We will do anything to defend it. ---------- EDIT: I'm very glad to be one of the GAs in this server !! Reply closed.