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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. what's going on? I never heard anything from you, update me bout GM/GA. Or anything that I need to know.

  4. sup, so you've started playing again or just passing by.

  5. The name VALKERIES is already taken, please select another name.
  6. please select another name 1LtMatya and the name you pm'd me (Ben) are both taken. EDIT: changed the the 3rd name you pm'd me, i'll edit your above post with the name you picked (Ban)
  7. your name was last changed may 29th 2011 so you can't change your name again until August 29th 2011
  8. Congrats...XD

  9. sir y ascabal i cant install if i start the game it out and (karas. not found how can i fix it? sir?

  10. Well, Disaster and CLIP is the same owner. There is two person playing Disaster and clip.

  11. You can't change your name, you need 100 post minimum, read the rules for changing names on the 1st page please. i don't really see how it's much of a hassle, there is a rule in place preventing ppl from changing their names more than once every 3 months i believe thats 90- 93 days depending on the 3 months involved. ps. no way under the sun i support this and for one main reason alone, YoBayetasuRo friend/neighbor Samy. Guy is a certified scammer and has way too many forum accounts constantly trying to sneak in. his last attempt he came posing as a cabal developer from ragezone wanting to help out the server and conveniently wanting access to to the server files.
  12. @MrSuave to answer that question, it depends. if a player is disconnected while entering the 4th door in the warp center constantly then no that player account shouldn't be banned but if its farming with let's say a WI in bm2 and that WI has alot of lag, then yes that player will get banned unfortunately by the ABS system, but in time the one banned because of lag will be unbanned.