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  1. yes..... louder... bring the old day happiness re-live today...^^
  2. Zup AsCabalero...... Seem like that its to silent here in forum.... c'mon lets Start making noise...^^
  3. congrats for this one men ^^
  4. how many vote can we give??? or can we pick 2?
  5. Nice one Regret ur still the one Cruel has a great work too... i like your creation ^^
  6. thanks for info... ^^ well mean while ... happy hunting ^^ hahahaha
  7. this is it....... hey jovs long time no see in game...^^ this event will start the new strt of great events..^^ hoping for much more event to come...^^ great job deathz,,^^
  8. been waiting for great event nice one death,,,^^ cant remember when was the last great event happen,,^^ Go Seven,,,
  9. im back with my Normal World ^^ Tnx Ascabal

  10. para dun sa Logo Making Event ^^

  11. admin p check nmn po request event prizes ko salamat ^^

  12. Dreaming of new you..^^

    1. Kaka


      xa na nga cguro yan ^^

    2. Kaka


      xa na nga cguro yan ^^

    3. Hyper


      tol nd naman ng ba blocked ng walang dahilan e :|

  13. woootttt BK.Clip.... u need more Post.. 100post ask part of the req...
  14. can you change mine Admin..^^ old : markdunam new: Sky