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  1. Im back.. for good !!!

  2. Old: Clent New: Henz thanks
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  5. Just Buzz me or leave mmessage on my ym.. :))

  6. aus na..wala na baha..tnx naman...

  7. grabe Ulan.. baha baha na naman...

  8. rainy evening :(

  9. " simple but rock"

  10. Back to Business Again..

  11. Congrats to all winners.. Nice event maw :blink:
  12. ate anne can i request again change forum name: old: Addictuz new: Clent Thanks :blink:
  13. Maw hindi na yata..

    Di ko na xa naxxxxta online..

  14. @mhac22- try mo reinstall ung client mo then patch mo ung Ascabal patcher..pero gaminitin mong client as Us client para di na xa mag eerror..