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  1. List of the GA's Required to Change their Forum name Old: Cronic New: Mercedes Old: castillo_kim New: Charliefox Old: SefaSeraphim New: Nixie Old: Hudson New: PerfectBlue Old: Agel New: Tenshouxxx Old: zyro New: Trebor Old: LiGhtandSoUndD New: Crius
  2. 100 post needed to change your forum nick...
  3. im playing AsRo now im the only 1 playing right now xD im all alone haha my IGN: dEzY
  4. hi sir taku, can i apply also in AsRo GA??? i will play it too xD... im downloading it now....
  5. oo hnd na siya GA kasi na break niya ang rule kaya tanggal na siya..