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  1. happy birthday GA

  2. to admin, please change my forum name.. old: BaNz New: TinkerBell :thumbsup: in advance.. Merry Xmas to all.. More Power to AGN..
  3. oi..maw happy birthday

  4. happy birthday aisha

  5. SP is ryt',..proven & tested na!!! :verymad:
  6. i missed my character on game,..huhuhu...

    when is the server fixed...

  7. may be u do ups or plus if u r in the mood to ups/plus..ahhehehe psychological style...hehe :verymad:
  8. happy birthday ;)

  9. hmmmmm...may be it depends upon if you are luckily on +7... :verymad: i tried it yesterday to my ORB coz i have 20echh and all i think its enough to do +7, i use the chaos channel on the lakeside warp..but suddenly when i come to +6..im happy that the following time i plus it away,...it comes to +7...,,i plus it with my twinkling eyes, a cute smile and even praising,heheh. ^_^ but then when i hit it!..bang! it comes back to +0..huhuhuh :verymad: ..now i know that it depends upon your fate luckily to plus....
  10. thanks..i try..