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  1. I Haven't Formally Introduced myself yet, So I will do so now........ Name: Shane Born: 05/23/90 From: The States (US) Dedication: Well, As far as I know Words can't come close to what this Community means to me, I have been playing AsCabal everyday since i signed up, This community is somewhat an Addiction to me.. Maybe Some will say I don't have a life for playing all day but technically everyone has one regardless how long they play, To me it's Time and money well spent. Maybe one day I will put my time to even more good use and Apply for GA?..... Maybe xD.. But anyways, I do love this community and everyone who respects it. I always wish the Best for this community And everyone that's apart of it. Best of luck :verymad:
  2. Hmm. I'll give this a shot. but i'm really impatient. >.>