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  1. Merry X-mas :laugh:
  2. lol feelingera ka te!! ganda mo! xD

  3. hoping action house will be fix too :happy:
  4. I don't need to say sorry for who i am!!!

  5. feeler mo naman xD ganda mo te :))))

  6. Indeed... is theres a rules here that telling prizes isn't allow to deliver to other acct? Owner already gave the authorization and he also answer that he is truly gave jov authority to use it so i think its legal for jov to demand his prize knowing he won in this event right?
  7. Simple Beauty :)

  8. is silently WATCHING U :)))))

  9. SUpplier ??? :DDDDD

  10. Supplier ka ng Item ateng? xDDDD

  11. Bitter???? :PPPP

  12. Waiting...... <3