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  1. old: OasisOfHell new: TonyStark
  2. Old: Vash New: OasisOfHell
  3. Old: Doomsday New: Vash Tnx
  4. maw pag nagkaroon ng rebirth/reborn system dito makakapag bura ka na. saka pag updated ang EP di na talaga makakapag bura para na din sa security at para matunton ang player kung may kababalaghang nagaganap. (tulad ng pag trace sa ibang chars na kahina-hinala)
  5. O : xVash N: Doomsday
  6. Me too. "Failed to Communicate WIth Server" :dry: :wallbash: :whistling:
  7. Imba didy very fast hahhaha
  8. maybe the folder is hidden. try to unhide it in settings then folder options
  9. Old: Blitz New: xVash Thanks
  10. as boss aloha have said about 6 hours estimate. so if it starts at 6am probably will be finished at 12nn
  11. Still no use. I've tried both IP's and still has error in xtrap. I even did command prompt and restarted my laptop. No choice but have to wait.
  12. Old: Vash New: Blitz Thanks
  13. Two thumbs up boss alohashin and sir sonsen :thumbsu: :thumbsu:
  14. alright i forgot to include non donators also.
  15. Oh. :phew: Well we all wish that the ppl that donated here (and availed) the donate sets will not be deleted. In short we wish that we still retain our accounts and items. Again sir sonsen good luck. P.S. Possibly the players will do another quests because some of them are not available in ep2 but exist in ep8 isnt it?