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  1. use start-cabal located in your cabal folder guide right click AsCabalOnline click open file location in your ascabal folder scroll down. open start-cabal
  2. May 20 2015 1. akasha88 2.Caraso 3.Chaii 4.Crick 5.Kassadin 6.Katarah 7.Kratong 8.SiLbiRMON 9.qwen28 10.SHINERO 11.oOoOoOoOoOoOoOo 12.xAlwin 13.AbanDonRan 14.Cake 15.SSwift
  3. March 3, 2015 event late uload oObito MarengJuanna GeneraLJumonG [GA]Ice xXdeMonXx xXxRabarAxXx Aeshna Vend event
  4. 1.Xenon 2.BanZaiiHunTer 3.KaiZerWI 4.[GAL]Yuuki 5.GeneraLJumonG 6.KuaKim18 7.Axel 8.Xiang 9.Asyong 10.OneStrick and bonus round winner 100m alz SEHH AOP+7 1 slot 30days Axel
  5. Kill GM Event winner list MightyWIZ BladerNgPinas Pangalan Shunsui PuppyFluppy GuessWho TooLate Loke Leah xkitch
  6. the hunter return

  7. kapag grade 11 na ang character hindi na pwde delete
  8. the hunter return

  9. thanks to all staff

  10. always error download :D

  11. always error download :D

  12. many many problems

  13. old = Ehra new = Nomer thanks
  14. old nomer new Ehra tia