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  1. done done stop spamming warning
  2. late update december 25, 2017 Kill GM event winners 1.[GA]Zephyr 2.Mona 3.Leww 4.XxbrayanxX 5.[GA]xKristiNe Vend event February 3, 2018 Kill GM winner 1.ILAXUSFa13 2.lLAXUSFa13 3.ChanleeChanx 4.Sinonchan 5. Seinarukishi February 11, 2018 Scramble words Winners 1.HOUND 2.Xiang 3.ChanleeChanx 4.Yael 5.LowPriorityWI 6.XSweetBladerX 7.NoonaXD 8.Aquanofs 9.Rizza06FB 10.xsam
  3. #Moved post all proofs you have
  4. #Moved
  5. download here
  6. December 22, 2017 Drop Potion of Luck 50m each 10pc December 22, 2017 Hide and Seek Winners 1. PhoneuTri 2.Yours12 3.Cherymae 4.BoyRooTeR 5.JuiceColore 6.Holocaust 7.Leww 8.[GA]KristiNe 9.iHyeong 10.llxxIZELxxll December 24, 2017 Drop event 10x Potion Of Luck 50m each
  7. #Move to Pilipino Support Walang character Name na wweraw or SaintLouisa
  8. as of now hindi pa totaly tapus ang palladium epaulet ibig sabihin mas maganda pa rin stat ng arch epaulet update nalang namin if magiging ok na Palladium epaulet
  9. Late update November 12, 2017 Scrabble Word winners 1. KristiNe 2. Gladiator 3. HAWKEYE18 4. Xiang 5. AlphaMale November 27, 2017 Hide And Seek Vend
  10. read this
  11. November 9 and 10 2017 Vend event
  12. ERROR CODE : 10-0300-00002EE2-146 X-Trap can not connect to the server patch. Set your firewall and antivirus to allow it to connect. Also make sure that your internet connection is working or your computer networks work well.
  13. closed event done
  14. Boss Pwede po bang Pabalik ng tantan12 Kasi po may nang trip po ng sub pass
    pati na rin po yung email pasabi nrin poh para mapalitan ko po yung pass