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  1. congrats to all winners
  2. AsCabal War of the Guilds Revealed "Defend your Existence!" FINAL LIST OF PARTICIPATING GUILDS Guild Name Guild Member Character Class EpicII Tuglakz TissuePaper Luminous Irabelle Vilcever [GAL]iAyeshaa Blader Warrior Force Blader Force Archer Force Shielder Blader SIC Holocaust KeizenAki Lovely Ap0calypse Newtron iHyeong Force Blader Force Shielder Force Shielder Warrior Force Blader Force Archer NewPeoplesArmy oBABhuTo Yael llLuxll ShadowBow chloe12 xmrGREYx Blader Blader Force Archer Force Archer Force Blader Warrior ComebackIsReaL [GA]Lester PROPHECY GeneraLJumOnG iRenz AlphaMale [GA]xKristiNe Blader Force Archer Force Archer Force Blader Force Blader Wizard DarkWebb QueenOfPein Sterben Quintana xDracu Horus Jacob Wizard Blader Force Archer Force Archer Force Blader Warrior DragonLegends XSweetBladerX Eazylang LegendsWA Alwayslove lllxFSxlll xVayn Blader Force Blader Warrior Warrior Force Shielder Force Archer INVICTUS TwentyOne YURIKEN DrFaiTh Cherrymae Zhea 093222168944 Warrior Force Archer Force shielder Force Archer Force Blader Blader additional rules No switch account. 1 person = 1 account
  3. registration officially closed april 13,2018 @1:00PM UPDATE! registration now officially closed
  4. wala na tayo magagawa dahil kung reset ang password nyan sa register email mag sent ang new password kahit saan site or online game ganon ang rules
  5. check your member Eazylang already member to DragonLegends
  6. since schedule moved go post your team registration until april 13
  7. Sir Nomer Bakit Po Close Ang Topic Ng GA Aplication Gusto Ko Po Kasi Sanang Mag Apply Ehh^_^

  8. account supended for 30 days
  9. pls pls stop spaming thread
  10. read the first page
  11. Fill in the following details: Subject: Change Subpassword Request Username: Character names:(if you don't remember any at least try to recall its name) and make sure to login the same email registered for your game account/username then send the details to
  12. done done stop spamming warning
  13. late update december 25, 2017 Kill GM event winners 1.[GA]Zephyr 2.Mona 3.Leww 4.XxbrayanxX 5.[GA]xKristiNe Vend event February 3, 2018 Kill GM winner 1.ILAXUSFa13 2.lLAXUSFa13 3.ChanleeChanx 4.Sinonchan 5. Seinarukishi February 11, 2018 Scramble words Winners 1.HOUND 2.Xiang 3.ChanleeChanx 4.Yael 5.LowPriorityWI 6.XSweetBladerX 7.NoonaXD 8.Aquanofs 9.Rizza06FB 10.xsam