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  1. as of now hindi pa totaly tapus ang palladium epaulet ibig sabihin mas maganda pa rin stat ng arch epaulet update nalang namin if magiging ok na Palladium epaulet
  2. Late update November 12, 2017 Scrabble Word winners 1. KristiNe 2. Gladiator 3. HAWKEYE18 4. Xiang 5. AlphaMale November 27, 2017 Hide And Seek Vend
  3. November 6, 2017 vend event November 6, 2017 kill gm 1.XxXPenaflorXxX 2.Alluka November 4, 2017 Kill GM 1.Virtuoso 2.XSweetBladerX 3.Sabertooth 4. tarylang 5.SeductiveLadyFA 6.EzkalamiaH 7.KramYeoul 8.XFaDeDX 9.XxXanderFordxX 10.NikeAir012 November 2, 2017 Hinde And Seek 1.unyot 2.lllLOVElll 3.BeautiFul 4.Azlyn 5.Speedcode 6.xXxIRONmAnxXx 7.StarGuardian 8.XoxHunterxoX 9.MarkMe 10.CriminaL1
  4. read this
  5. November 9 and 10 2017 Vend event
  6. ERROR CODE : 10-0300-00002EE2-146 X-Trap can not connect to the server patch. Set your firewall and antivirus to allow it to connect. Also make sure that your internet connection is working or your computer networks work well.
  7. closed event done
  8. The most awaited event has come "Slay the Giants Event" Starting this Coming October 15th Schedule: October 15-17 22-24 29-31 Drops
  9. Read the Rules First Dungeon "Epaulet Of Dead B3F" Wait for [EM]Nomer to announce In game Rules: 1. create party with 4 or 6 member 2. Make sure your 2x B3F Entry is Ready 3.Wait For our HT Respawn In B3F Entrance 4.i will leave this party if your party not follow the rules
  10. First party With [HT]NomerWiz 1.llLuxll 2. Tierra 3. OBLiQue 4. Zhea 5.[GA]xLester 6.KristiNe 2nd party with [HT]NomerBL 1. EaZyToget 2.XSweetBladerX 3. Jenneth18 4. xbLaZer19 3rd last party with [TH]Nomer 1. xPureAdrenaline 2.BabyQ 3.Mona 4. DonZkiE25 5. Leww 6.xYourinMaru
  11. Server will be down for maintenance Estimated Downtime: 1-2hrs the maintenance is for Slay The Giant Event
  12. Server UP Event Mobs Start 12:NN Good luck and happy hunting ~[EM]/[HT]Nomer
  13. sorry about reply issue in this section that's why i'm considering your thread as a entry winners 1. [GA]LesterFB here 2. Virtuoso here 3. asassinator reply in this thread jenneth18 I know you're third but you do not follow the rules
  14. before reply please read the rules. First 3 reply in this thread with IC1 screenshot like this Rules: 1.same spot 2.type i love AGN in any public chat /t /l /n is allowed 3.Post your SS And your exact IGN Recommended FONTS: use comic sans MS bold 14.0 Reward: 3x Perfect Core (Highest) 7days 1 Potion of luck 100M EX Charname:[EM]Nomer i check this out tomorrow
  15. another spam please read title and firs page.
  16. wrong section move to Pilipino support. pag aralan mo gumamit ng forum hindi kung saan san mo ikakalat thread mo tungkol naman sa GA application mo sana matutu ka rin mag hintay wag atat goodluck sa application mo sana palarin ka
  17. nextime read the first page before reply this thread
  18. use start-cabal located in your cabal folder guide right click AsCabalOnline click open file location in your ascabal folder scroll down. open start-cabal
  19. 1.Xenon 2.BanZaiiHunTer 3.KaiZerWI 4.[GAL]Yuuki 5.GeneraLJumonG 6.KuaKim18 7.Axel 8.Xiang 9.Asyong 10.OneStrick and bonus round winner 100m alz SEHH AOP+7 1 slot 30days Axel
  20. May 20 2015 1. akasha88 2.Caraso 3.Chaii 4.Crick 5.Kassadin 6.Katarah 7.Kratong 8.SiLbiRMON 9.qwen28 10.SHINERO 11.oOoOoOoOoOoOoOo 12.xAlwin 13.AbanDonRan 14.Cake 15.SSwift
  21. March 3, 2015 event late uload oObito MarengJuanna GeneraLJumonG [GA]Ice xXdeMonXx xXxRabarAxXx Aeshna Vend event
  22. Kill GM Event winner list MightyWIZ BladerNgPinas Pangalan Shunsui PuppyFluppy GuessWho TooLate Loke Leah xkitch
  23. the hunter return

  24. kapag grade 11 na ang character hindi na pwde delete