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  1. IGN:AleriaTheVampire Char.class:Force Blader
  2. Old: Lies New: Liah
  3. liesugiven / [GAL]Lies / Force Shielder
  4. Guild Name: FilthyRottenApples 1.[GAL]MsLies / BL 2.[GAL]Red / FA 3.xAthenaCassandra / WA 4.Slayer / FA 5.Raven / WI 6.iKazuki / FB
  5. 1. Kill all mobs until the gate opens. 2. Go through and kill the next gate, then talk to the bookshelf inside and the table next to it. 3. Kill the next gate in the hall ( You can hit this while hitting the other gate so illusion fogs won’t kill you) 4. After going inside, talk to the fireplace and then the table. Kill the gate inside the room. 5. After breaking the gate, talk to the mirror and then the fireplace. The first boss will appear. 6. The closed gate will open and click the statues. Follow the numbers in order. 7. The boss will spawn outside the room in the hall. ( At a low hp the boss will teleport to the other end of the hall) 8. Go to the room where the first boss spawns and talk to the table. 9. Go back to the room with the 4 statues and go through the corridor and talk to the bookshelf and mobs will spawn. Kill then to countinue. 10. After all the mobs are dead move on to the next corridor and destroy the gate. 11. Kill the mobs in the next room until the boss spawns, after killing the boss a chest will drop which upon the chest being destroyed the second form of the boss will appear. 12. Go back to the room before and talk to the bookshelf. 13. Go back to the room ( the next room where you started ) talk to the book shelf. Go back where the Fire Servant spawns and go to the room where you can find a dragon, talk to the altar under the dragon. Then move back to the previous room and talk to the other bookshelf. After the bookshelf, go back to the altar under the dragon to complete the quest. 14. Go to the next bottom room and kill all harpies. After all the harpies are gone, talk to the altar first then the left incense burner. 15. Proceed into the hall and destroy the gate. Then click the mirror a boss will appear kill it. Then go back to the left incense burner. 16. Next click the right incense burner and go back to the room where the boss appear, go to the room next to it. Click the mirror, the boss will appear kill it. After killing it click the Book shelves from the first room to the second room. Then go back to the right incense burner. Then click the altar. A boss will appear. 17. Go back to the dragon room and talk to the altar under him. The doors up the stairs in the main room will open and proceed to the right and open the gate there. 18. Once the door breaks kill all the ogres in the room. 19. Once the ogres are gone, talk to the incense burner in the left corner near the corridor. The boss will then spawn. 20. Talk to the small fish statues in the number order after the boss is dead. Answers are : 2, 1, 2, 1. 21. Go inside the corridor to the end and talk to the incense burner. 22. Go back to the corridor and talk to the incense burner at open end. 23. Go back to the end of the corridor and talk to the left incense burner. 24. Go back to the open end and talk to the right incense burner. 25. Continue down the hall to the next open room opposite of the last one and go inside its corridor. First talk to the bookshelf and then the armor. The boss will spawn in the main room. 26. Once the boss is dead move outside and take a right to the room with the fish altar and no water in the pond and talk to the left corner incense burner. 27. Go outside the room and make a right and talk to the statue in the middle of the hall. Make sure to get one cryptograph drop from the mob ( needed for the side quest ). Then click the Right statue. Click the Tables Quest it in number order. Then a boss will appear. 28. Go to the fish altar with no water in the pond. A closed gate will open go inside it. And kill the mini boss. Go back there will be 2 way go to the left way and break the gate. 29. Click the armor at the other end of the hall. Then click the armors next to it. 30. Break the gate at the end of the hall. Once gate is open talk to the incense burner inside. 31. Go back and talk to the armor in the other end. And break the gate in front of it. 32. Talk to the statues in back in numbered order. Orc mages will spawn which you have to kill them until a ‘’ Warning ‘’ sign pops up meaning you killed the right one and you can go inside the closed room and kill the next boss in the lightning room. 33. Talk to the fallen statue after killing the boss and then the chair at top of the stairs. 34. Go back to the room and another hall will open and talk to the armor/statue. 35. Continue to the other end of the hall and talk to the statue near the gate and it will open afterwards. 36. Go inside and talk to the statues under the warp in listed order. Go inside the warp 37. After going inside the warp the last boss will spawn. 38. After killing the boss talk to the statue and click on the first answer. BE SURE NOT TO FINISH THE DUNGEON. There’s one more chest to open for earrings. 39. Go back to the dragon room and talk to the altar below the dragon. ( Or let your Party Member Kill you in a PVP ) Complete the quest to get the chest for drusnin earing drop. 40. Then Finish the Dungeon by clicking the orb in the last Boss. -----------------UPDATING (Adding Pictures)------------------
  6. Character Name : [GAL]MsLies Character Class : Blader
  7. Here i hope this is it! http://www.adikgaming.com/board/index.php?showtopic=15963
  8. [GAL]MsLies - Brains
  9. Character Name : [GAL]LiesBL My Pick up Line Dialog: Boy : Kahit pa mag BM2+AURA+FULLBUFFS pa aq d pa rin kita mapapatay. Girl : Bakit nman? Boy : Kasi lagi kitang mamiMISS!
  10. Good Luck Admin Aloha and Sonsen! More POWER AGN!
  11. @ZenomWarrior, what? you made a fake votes,fake fan pages. You also use my name on the fanpage? you also use zep and perto's name. I cant imagine that you will do such a thing......
  12. My Character : [GA]LiesugivenFS [i want to join so i'll post my character screenshot named -[/b] [GA]LiesugivenFS