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  1. @kamahalan please do not post irrelevant things in this topic in respect to the FORUM event. you may join this event if you like please read event instructions first. thanks :)
  2. Credits to the owner of this photo Just want to share it here in our community hope it helps us in finding good Minesta chapters for our Bm3 quests :)
  3. To my AGN FAMILY Thanks for your trust.

  4. Leadership, Friendship, Service :)

  5. Goodluck to AGN Community especially to sir Aloha and sir Sonsen... We GA's offer our full support and service for the success of this project. More power :thumbsup:
  6. wow +15??!!! ... Good job Sir!!! More power AGN!!!! ^_^
  7. old name: mricko new name: red

  9. EP 8!!!! CANT wait !!! ^_^

  10. yipeee!! this is going to be so much FUN!!!! ^_^ more power AGN COMMUNITY!!!
  11. Lycanus Great Sword of Destruction [ icko21 ]
  12. .. HUNT MODE!!! ^_^