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  1. ...aloha buddy remember me? ask lng how can i recover my account here?

  2. ...i miss her when she do that part lolz.
  3. ...ito pa po isa png skin:
  4. ...ay nahalata hahahaha! wla pa nga ung nsa storage e hahaha. post ulit ako ibng skin. hehehe
  5. ...done editing it maam ^^
  6. ...i hope u post ur screenshots here of ur new skins. like this one :
  7. Change your cabal skin if u want! Here is a list of all up-to-date UI skins. They are all updated to Episodes 8 - 3rd Awakening patch. All of the artwork here is free to use, feedback is highly recommended and don't forget to "like" Installation Instructions / Guide Go to Your EK Cabal installation Folder / Data and extract files from the zip file of the skin. Do not delete any files, only overwrite the files or save a copy. Skin has multiple color options! Default is BLUE. All of the artwork here is free to use, feedback is highly recommended. This topic was created to make searching for the skins easier, and as a form of promotion for the skins and its authors. Instruction how to apply download the file first 1. extract the downloaded file on your desktop it should be UI folder the output of extracted file 2. copy the UI folder and move to your cabal directory simply by right-click on your desktop cabal launcher icon-select properties-select find target for winxp or open file location for win7/win8 3. after moving to your cabal directory move inside Data Folder, have u seen UI folder? copy ur UI folder first and paste anywhere as back-up anytime u need it u can make it back as default skin 4. now u can paste the extracted UI folder inside Data Folder just replace the old file and done, note : if the extracted file named Theme1, Map or Icon its located inside UI folder and UI folder Inside Data Folder. just paste it to its same folder name ---credits to all the author of the skins: ....crushingforce ...jay ...thear ...mynameisray.
  8. ...AsCabal is getting more fun nah. ^^ going to update more fun shots. ^^
  9. ..oh im sorry would u mind tell where to go? ^^
  10. Old:sOul01frOst New: [GA]sOulfrOstFA Old:dark01frOst New: [GA]sOulfrOstBL Old:spawn01frOst New: [GA]sOulfrOstFB as requested by [GAL]StomP Pls Change name tnx
  11. ...revert now ^^ no to pork barrel! hahaha
  12. ...the latest patch is for windows vista and above only. windows xp users cant do nothing but to wait for sonsen to fix the problem. its either update ur OS to windows 7 for u to update ur netframework to 4.5 or wait till sonsen fix the problem. tell the truth it sucks.
  13. ...its automatic patch when u open ur launcher. u can try to locate this by opening ur ascabal folder.
  14. ...whether xtrap or the new system is concern, the point is we nid the solution for the problem, not the info bout how strong the anti hacking system or not. believe me, hackers here is more discrete than from other private servers. ...reply for the solutions is more appreciated.