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  1. Sometimes winamp or windows media player are quite annoying and you would like to listen songs straight inside the game, so you could play in full-screen mode? Problem solved: Use these simple steps and you will learn how to add music to Cabal Jukebox. Important: Cabal only supports .ogg file format in jukebox. Do not put any wma, mp3 or anything like that. 1) Use Online Corverter or any other converter (which can convert from mp3 to ogg) and convert your songs 2) Go to your Cabal Client destination folder and find Jukebox folder : - Right-click on Cabal Launcher, press Properties and then Open File Location - you found client folder. - Might be founded in (if haven't changed the location) C:/Program Files/Adikgaming/Cabal Online/Jukebox 3) Simply drag and drop your converted music into Jukebox folder. 4)Go to game, press J when you will be in the game (logged in and seeing your character), jukebox will appear and simply press on BGM (shown in picture) and press play button Enjoy! PS: This is not mine. I just want to share it :lol: ┬ęTo the owner :ph34r:
  2. Lol. Im back. HAHAHA :D