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  1. The Mobile Load Trade is prohibited .
  2. And . Loot the bracelet and earrings at the mutant forest . they could farm those :3
  3. GUILD NAME: HATRED 1. ELTORO/FS 2.[GA]Cervello/FA 3.xKyuubix/FA 4.iCkiE/WA 5.CCTBbry06/WI Sorry for the late changes. Axel , Wtfyou and vincekulit is being change because of unexpected happenings they will be not around tomorrow. Permission to change the line up have been granted by [GA]Keithy
  4. Old: B00SIK New: Cervello
  5. Old - g1quantum new - B00SIK
  6. Still "FAILED TO COMMUNICATE WITH SERVER" . anyone know how to fix this ?
  7. Excuse me sir . why i can't connect to the server . I open my ascabal launcher and it displays "Failed to communicate to server" . How can i fix this problem sir ?