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  1. just LOL :lolu:
  2. whats up with this server? an unresolve constinous channel crash another a unattentive support for xtrap this it? is it what we get from our donations? getting too dissappointed..LOL just LOL
  3. doesnt work either way.. :startle:
  4. doesnt work with me win7 user.. :hot:
  5. is xtrap fixed? or am i the only one getting xtrap error.tried everything every guides every editing of host files but still cant get online. getting so frustrated here.. can anyone bother to help me, enlighten me to whats happening? thanks for those who cares. :ermm:
  6. any NEWS about xtrap error? any help? anyone? so dissappointed.. :dry:
  7. am i the only one getting this error? tried everything there is that are posted here, but still xtrap error. need answers please. sorry just eagerly want to play.. :sword:
  8. can anyone upload their host file windows 7 user..still cant play here.thanks in advance
  9. :bow: This works for me thanks for the usefull info. oh btw i'm a win7 user.
  10. possible FIX? thanks