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  1. So this all you can do is wait wait wait... happy gaming... if it is not respawning at the indicated time.. 24/7 online has the advantage on this event... HUNT HUNT and HUNT.. wait till we back :D :D :D -Ice :D
  2. Title of Photo: Summer Paradise IGN:[GA]Ice Character Class:Force Shielder
  3. ok na x-trap ibang pc :) ty
  4. 13Disciples 1.zGaffud/FS 2.Renesmee/FA 3.Goku/Wi 4.VosS/FA 5.xRage/WA i'm just reposting our team because our other team mates didn't want to our team so they transfer to other team..
  5. ayaw padin meloy
  6. Not as lucky sir gerve VERY LUCKY..but If there is way to solve my x trap problem ill do it because(pinag hirapan ko char ko :( ) -zGaffud
  7. ayaw padin po matanggal ng podlock... at hindi ko din po makita ung run as admin..
  8. wala pong nakalagay na AGN Cabal
  9. Ayaw talaga ginawa ko na lahat wala padin... T_T may podlock sa hosts ko baka un ang dahilan kung bakit ayaw.. pa help kung sinu may alam tanggalin ung podlock
  10. bakit po ganun dati okey na x trap ko then after 2 days ayaw nanaman please help me