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  1. Please use english when posting comments.. you are only allowed to use tagalog in Pilipino Support.. The mobs will be respawned on the time properly before making comments..
  2. Here is the event that players are waiting for a long period of has been approved!..lets enjoy hunting..Happy gaming adiks ^^
  3. WARNING! stop making spam messages..
  4. Sana maging Eye Opener na ang nangyari..Hintayin natin ang hudyat ng Admin..
  5. Hintayin na lang natin ang mga susunod na update tungkol sa issue na yan..magtiyaga lang po sa paghihintay..salamat
  6. please give time to read and respond..i am waiting long time already with this concern..
  7. please respond on my concern..are you reading this or not? no action done since I posted this!!
  8. Kindly fix my IP address because i can't access on the user panel and look for the new promo of donations..I just came from the other country and now i'm in the IP Address is thank you and more power!! IGN: iStrong/SirJayaR
  9. kinuha niya lang sa group ng Lightning yung proof niya sa pambabastos pero di un kasali sa Official group ng game..mag isip isip din po..hndi lang yung basta basta na lang mabanned..siyempre magagalit yung may ari ng nablocked/banned kasi pinaghirapan niya un..and di po clear ang rules sa skill animation abuse..set the proper rules for that hndi yung kayo lkng nakaka alam..
  10. Nice GM..i'm excited.. :startle: