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  1. Mini Event September 15, 2018 1. Kill GM event (2 seh and 1 sehh) 2. Combo event (hairkit and potion of luck 100m alz) 3. Vend event (sghh,sgh , potion of luck 100m alz)
  2. Mini event August 25, 2018 1. kill gm (SEHH,SEH) 2. combo event (paladium cape+100m alz) 3.hide and seek (rw3 rcr-pchh-pch)
  3. Mini event September 9, 2018 1. kill gm (2pc seh and 2pc sehh) 2. hide and seek (RCR and HP bike ,pchh and pch) 3.vend event (pchh.pch facekit and arc weapond and seh)
  4. visual bug lng yan madame na akong n encounter n ganyan pag nasa war d yn cheat dahil yn sa pag k root sayo kc npapa step back during root.pero sa monitor ng FB mag kadikit kayo..
  5. Mini event September 8, 2018 1. Kill GM (XGEN, Rename) 2.Combo event (3winers hair and facekit +100m alz) 3.Vend event (PCH,PCHH,Hair and facekits, Pet kits and Arc Weapons)
  6. 1. Kill GM (SEHH, SEH) 2. Q and A (Rw3 RCR bike+ Hair kit) 3. vend event (RW3 HP, Hair and Facekits,Pet kits,arc weponds, SGHH,SGH)
  7. 1. kill gm (xgen-rename) 2. vend event (pch, arc and face kits) 3. hide and seek (pchh,rw3 HP and RCR, Palladium capes)
  8. 1. Kill GM (xgen, rename) 2. drop event alz (100m alz potion of luck) 3. hide and seek (Rw3 rcr and hp pet extender and rename)
  9. July 29 Event Part 2 1. vend event (arc weponds, paladium cape,Pchh,Pch) 2. kill GM 4 winners (palladium cape..EOS,EOF Rw3 RCR) 3. hide and seek (Rw3 hp, Seh)
  10. Mini Events: June 23, 2018 1. Kill the GM > 2 Winners ( SEH and SEHH) 2. Drop event (Potion of Luck 100m alz) 3. Vend Event > (PCH, SGHH , SGH , SEH and Hair Kits/colors)
  11. July 29 event Part 1 1. Kill GM (xgen-rename, SEH, SEHH) 2. Drop Alz event (x10 Potion of luck(100m)) 3.vend event (PCHH,PCH,Hair and face kits, Arc weponds)
  12. 1.Vend event (SGHH.SGH,PCH, pchh,FACE and Hair kits, pet slot extender, arc weponds,seh,sehh) 2 kill gm (2 sehh, 2 seh) 4 winners 3. drop event alz (x10) Potion of luck (100m)
  13. 1. Kill GM feat. Orca 4 winners (SEHH, SEH, Potion of luck (100m)) 2.Combo event 2 winners (Pet Sleeping Kit lvl 10,Potion of luck (100m)) 3. hide and seek 4 rounds (Pchh and Pch)
  14. 1. Kill GM event 3 winners (Pet Sleeping kit lvl 10, 1 Potion of luck (100m alz )) 2. Bring me event 4 winners (Hair kits, PCH) 3. Vend Event (PCHH, PCH, SGHH, SGH, Face/Hair kit, Potion of luck (100m alz)
  15. July 01, 2018 1. Summon Orca 2. Summon Minisha
  16. April 13, 2018 1. Vend Event (Durated weapons, PCH, PCHH, SGHH, SGH, Face Kits, Hair color Premium and Hair styles) 2. Drop event (Potion of Luck 100m alz)
  17. 1. Kill GM event 2 winners (X-gen, rename card) 2. Combo Event 5 winners (Face and Hair kits) 3. Vend Event (PCHH, PCH, SGHH, SGH, Hair kit)
  18. June 24, 2018 1. Summon Orca 2. Summon Minisha
  19. again stop using tagalog if you have anything to say, say it in english, you are not in the pilipino section
  20. Stop commenting using Tagalog language you are not in "Pilipino Support" section you should know better your a Game Advisor.
  21. Mini Events: June 10, 2018 1. Combo Event > 5 winners (Pet Sleeping Kit level 10) 2. Kill the GM > 4 Winners ( SEH and SEHH) 3. Vend Event > (PCHH, PCH, SGHH , SGH and Hair Kits/colors)
  22. May 6, 2018 Surprise Events: 1. Combo Event (5 winners) - 1 PCH + 100m alz Potion of Luck each 2. Kill the GM Event (5 winners) - 1 PCHH + 100m alz potion of Luck each 3. Vend Event (PCHH, PCH, SGHH, SGH)
  23. April 26, 2018 Surprise Mini Event 1. Drop Event (Potion of Luck 10x) 2. Vend Event (SGH, SGHH, Hair kits)
  24. Winners CHAMPION: DarkWebb 1st runner up: ComebakisReal 2nd runner up: EPICII CONGRATULATIONS and to all the participating guilds..
  25. The WAR of the GUILDS revealed! "Defend your Existence!" Mechanics: 1. Compose a team of 6 participants/players in your guild. (2 same class is ALREADY allowed) ex. 2 FA, 2 BL, 1 WA, 1 FB or 2 WA, 2 FA, 2 BL 2. Register in the forum indicating the following: Guildname :______________ Guild Master (IGN):______________ Members :_____________ :_____________ :_____________ :_____________ :_____________ example: Guildname :Exodus Guild Master (IGN):iStrong(WI) Members :Justice(BL) :KillMe (WA) :LostOne (FB) :hAPPY (FS) :ShooterFace (FA) 3. The battle will depend on the Number of guild that has registered. *if there are more than 10 guilds, it will be double elimination *if there are less than 10, it will be a round robin battle, highest two (2) guilds in the ranking will play for the Championship round. 4. Registration will end on March 31, 2018 5. The winners will get (each participants who played) the listed Prize. CHAMPION - 30% Forcium set (no ups) (account Binded) 1ST RUNNER-UP - 30% DRei Frame (no ups) (account binded) 2nd RUNNER-UP - 30% Sigmetal Set (no ups) (account Binded) Consolotion Prize - 200m (alz) each 6. The Registered Character will receive the prize and NO change of items once it has been sent/given. RULES during the Event: *The participating Guild will play in Undead Ground Channel 2 *Participants must temporarily leave their home guilds to join the guild headed by the tournament facilitators (GMs). *All character abilities or skills (including Aura) can be used except for Battle Modes 1, 2, and 3 *Usage of All buff potions or holy water potions is allowed. *A dead character must resurrect in the Undead ground town and is not allowed to resurrect by using an [Odd Circle] *Characters who already acquired 31% full set are Prohibited to Join. *Refer to the uploaded Map the Limit of the Guild War *First Guild to Kill 10 players wins the Round *Characters Title will NOT be ALLOWED. NOTE: Once you break ONE of any of the rules,your guild will be AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED from the Event. so, what are you waiting for?! REGISTER NOW! and WIN THE VERY EXCITING EVENT OF THE SUMMER! HAPPY GAMING ADIKS ^^..