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  1. Old : BowMasteR new : [GA]mix
  2. why KILl event don't re-spawn in the right time? 1. Adik Vikalitan lv197(respawn time every 10hrs) 14. Adik Orca the Doom lv190(respawn time every 8hrs) 6. Adik Leth Tyrant lv198(respawn time every 10hrs) 2. Adik Reformo Quadra lv198(respawn time every 12hrs)
  3. Old: BOWmasteR New:Mix
  4. Hi

  5. Step 1 : need a ticket entry ( forgotten temple b1f ) Map in Forgotten Ruin 2 : enter the dangeon 3 : Press on the hour glass to turn off the fire wall. As you step up the stairs on the left there is a figure you can click on 4 : Keep going forward, you will meet a wall of fire that is blocking a bridge. Just wait until it goes down and pass by. Then keep moving forward until you cannot go forward anymore. Click on the monument on the left 5 : Keep moving forward. Press on this next monument 6 : destroy the wall of fire 7 : Keep moving forward and kill the oblivion to continue with the quest 8 : click this to teleport . Next room 9 : In the next room, you have to kill the mini boss 10 : after kill the mini boss click the Hag Snake Statue 11 : Move after that and kill the Felcra to get the Cafs Blue Jewel /14 and Cafs Red Jewel /10 12 : after that kill and get one of record of the mutant ( and look for Green key to open secret chest 13 : submit it to Turttle Statue 14 : click and buy the epualet 1m alz to NPC 15 : back to the fire wall but its gone. Enter and click the red aquarium ( respawn a mobs 4x ) kill them all 16 : after that kill the fire wall 17 : after that you will see the three mobs and kill it fast 18 : kill fast the mobs after the boss was ready to kill ( ned to fast) 19 : after the boss die XD craft the epaulet that you buy in NPC then you get the Cat Stone 20 : click the the gate record 1st and teleport to the next room 21 : kill the fire wall 22 : wait until the mobs respawn 1group 2 group 3 group kill all 24 : then go to the next room and kill the Groga 25 : done to kill all Groga thin click the Devil coft 26 : in the left side of the Devil caft you will see the fire wall kill it and the boss is waitting 27 : kill the last boss 28 : now we quest the Green key to open secret chest find the number that need to open the quest i have a guide of picture (1) (2) (3) (4) 29 : now you can the 4 secret chest 30 : and after the chest back to the last boss room and click this ‚Äčthe dungeon done i wish my Guide will help the player to hunt and help here to finish him/her quest sorry if my English is not good
  6. thx you so much i idolise you Axel
  7. 4 step be a good player 1. A good player need to help if not busy 2. Boost him/her until the level reach 3. Give the player knowledge 4. Add her to your friend list