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  1. old: MarioLABO New: [GA]Daryun
  2. Ahh Drop list ng bawat Dungeon. Oo maganda yan tsaka dapat updated din dapat ang list.
  3. You mean entry for dungeon?
  4. old : Daryun new : MarioLABO
  5. Wow Goku <3 nice to be back
  6. More power sir aloha, your server is good but as what they have said, update is a must! You can do it sir, lets make this server up, updated and well balance . Increase the defense of highest armors FC,Elite,DF,Arch, specially PaladJUM.
  7. -abakada -[GA]Daryun
  8. Sir can you re-stock Black Transmuter tnx!
  9. Yes bro its legal! You must throw much higher skills such as g master to trance skill and make all skill lvl 9 for fast cooldown... always use bm2 then extend aura! That's all :D
  10. Fastest way is to create a full def and hp restore wizard with bm2! and go grind at BI ch 2 adik ghoul #investigate MarioLabo's Case! :D
  11. Its going down for real!!!
  12. Admin Alohasin and Anne, we need your comment about this!
  13. yeah right! Invesigate MarioLabo's Case!!