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  1. Noted . i will follow up this thing to our admin
  2. NoonaxD = iAyeshaa
  3. @RizeKamishiro @alohashin
  4. Paki block po IHyeong na Account Rason Quiting na
  5. Yes sir :)
  6. Please Use English only in the pilipino support section tagalog/Filipino language is allowed to use. Old Email : New email : Username: Password: Sub password: IGN: Class: Reason : Send it to = Ascabal@adikgaming.com
  7. Basta kada miyerkules nag papalit po ng TPTS shop so abangan po naitn :)
  8. If you see a Cheater and you have a proof post it in our cabalmain hacks section if your proof is valid. The GM's are the one who takes actions for it, permanent banned for players caught using cheat :)
  9. First of all please use english language if you are not posting topics in the Filipino support section , Here's My answer there are no such as Online Game or Any games that 100% Clean there are always a player who want's to be more powerful than others and that's why its ending up using TPP/Third Party Program. and since there area a lot people's out there enjoying creating Cheats for money , for me cheaters is always part of a game. General Explanation :)
  10. KimShin = old new = [GA]Varus
  11. Tuesday its Online too
  12. Try To Clean your X trap Folder :)