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  1. IGN: oMirai
  2. Character name: oMirai edit: Update your screenshot make sure your character name is readable ~[SP]Nomer
  3. Admin aloha said that it will be fixed soon . let's wait until the host resolve the domain problem Than you :D
  4. Minsan sa Internet Connection yan , Katulad sakin
  5. Up this can be Helpful
  6. Back Reading is not bad. Yes Its bug until now,
  7. Map

    SOD and Ft2
  8. Kung nag send kana ng email kay Admin may Reply na sya bro Check mo nalang :)
  9. Kamusta Bro. Long Time no look , Follow up ko to :)
  10. xDracu Please Clarify Which team will you joined :)
  11. Noted . i will follow up this thing to our admin
  12. NoonaxD = iAyeshaa
  13. @RizeKamishiro @alohashin
  14. Paki block po IHyeong na Account Rason Quiting na
  15. Yes sir :)