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  1. BloodFallen = Akali
  3. Wala naman pong kaso.. kung approve o hindi .. salamat po sa inyo mga komento at nalinawan ako :)
  4. salamat sa inyong mga komento.. @LesterQ maganda ang iyong naisin na taasan ang drop rate ng 30% amp items.
  5. Siguro naman.. Hindi na bago sa ating kaalaman na may mga naka Elite Forcium, Dreiframe, Forcium at Sigmetal set na 30% amp.. Panahon na siguro para maglagay ng Donate Set "PROMO" para sa mga nais magbigay ng donasyon sa ating mahal na server... at tiyak hindi naman ito "Unfair" dahil libre naman ito sa mga nanalo sa nakalipas na event at may naka patong naman na presyo para sa may mga gusto ng nasabing set . :)
  6. We've thought about making a topic for people that are bored with their forum nicknames and want new ones. Rules: -people with over 10% warn level can't change their nicknames; -you can only change your nickname once every 2 months. Any requests that do not meet these requirements will be sanctioned with a 3 day forum account suspension and 10% warn level increase. Post according to this example: -current nickname; -what new nickname you want. Symbols aren't allowed. -Smosh
  7. sir @Nomer any updates for guild emblem tnx
  8. please update!
  9. I just Requested Our New Guild Emblem last Feb. 15,2018 .. How long it will take to approve or update our Emblem? Guild name: Cancer
  10. up sir
  11. UP
  12. Still hoping for this!
  13. up
  14. windows 8 and above OS .. xtrap not supported to our server :)