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  1. We've thought about making a topic for people that are bored with their forum nicknames and want new ones. Rules: -people with over 10% warn level can't change their nicknames; -you can only change your nickname once every 2 months. Any requests that do not meet these requirements will be sanctioned with a 3 day forum account suspension and 10% warn level increase. Post according to this example: -current nickname; -what new nickname you want. Symbols aren't allowed. -Smosh
  2. Group 1
  3. sir @Nomer any updates for guild emblem tnx
  4. please update!
  5. I just Requested Our New Guild Emblem last Feb. 15,2018 .. How long it will take to approve or update our Emblem? Guild name: Cancer
  6. up sir
  7. UP
  8. Still hoping for this!
  9. up
  10. windows 8 and above OS .. xtrap not supported to our server :)
  11. please make sure .. off your anti virus before downloading & install client ... coz our client have false virus
  12. Is this Possible to Increase WAR EXP for some duration of time :)) A week / A month :) FOR US! Who's Still being Loyal to this Server :)) -TIA
  13. atlast :)