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  1. Perma xgen and rename?
  2. Congrats Gray . Ready for PVP event hahaha Char
  3. Date last clue
  4. The date hihi
  5. Last clue the date ? :D
  6. I can't see this first image in cabal main hack :(
  7. BL set sigmetal <3
  8. Kelan po kau ulit magkakaroon ng mga Premium DX DG sa TpointShop.?
  9. Awts . Thanks GA for answering my QUestion
  10. GAL and GA slamat sa pagsagot ng aking katanungan. More Powers AGN
  11. Bakit po di gumagana ung Aura Transamuter? Pano po ung mga gustong magpalit ng kanilang Aura? Kahit ung mga new char at kukuha ng aura kahit Ice ung pinipili nya ung Bato pa din ung lumalabas na Aura.? Pakisagot po plz . Thank you
  12. I hope that the Aura Transmuter will function. Thank you .
  13. Thank you GA's especially GM Ariel for answering my question. ^_^
  14. The RPT returns when autoclose again. :( In my PC is always experiencing Autclose .
  15. How to fix AutoClose . ?? I always experienced AutoClose so I can't play well :(