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  1. Sana po new sets of events nanaman po this month of august :) para masaya hehehehe More powers to AsCabal~! Happy Gaming!~
  2. Some players getting DC and some are not, sometimes DC strikes in a wrong time. Well for my personal experience t`was nearly killed the Ensign then suddenly i got DC then i tried to reconnect, already can`t join the M.War channel. This is my suggestion that we players who got dc at the last moment could still join the M.War channel even if its already done cause the earned point with a hard work with pushing and blocking would be pointless if not being claimed. Thank you :) it would be my appreciation if taken action. Just a little concern of me. More Power to AGN and AsCabal :)
  3. Regarding about the title i just realize that some other dungeon entry/ies nowadays got low drop percentage just having concern about it
  4. Just passing by here to say Hello :) wish this server more power hehehe ... still kicking from 2015 :) just comment here if you guys also started playing in 2015 just wanted to talk with you a little bit :)