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  1. ahaha heya macky! happy new year.

  2. sir nag crash po ata flyff hanggang character screen lang po

  3. pa ganda ng paganda sig mo ah hahaha

  4. K lets see ingame, SN means Social Network Leader

  5. BTW Wat is SN leader ??

  6. ok ... i am download ing how ... see u in game .. :D

  7. sonsen say it was temporary down coz his PC was dead.

    lets play adik sa flyff if you want to play with us

  8. hello .. what happen to aion .. i was out of town ... what happen ...

  9. [GA]sadiztah [GA]yeshaBL

    scmmer cyberkalamatisII and xfireblad3

    scam BL+5 set ko saka 20uchh ! nag papasa lng

    aq ng gamit !! xenxa na nag kamali aq :D

  10. belated happy bday

  11. belated happy bday

  12. belated happy bday

  13. hmmm most of the time they use invisible mode ingame, and im not using ym coz my internet is slow

  14. hah ur still active, why i never see u on ym