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  1. pntahan mo nlng s knla
  2. ty.. ayah.. yaan mo boboto k nmen for president! ahahaha.. gs2 ko solo.. pra s loadscreen ko mxxxxta ko character ko c iLead ha? ung Mechanic ko.. heheh..
  3. ako kelan ung akin =(
  4. lahat pwd sumama.. ptxt lng o pm in game.. pra alam
  5. yaan mo na sila gnyn tlga pg sikat .. XD
  6. For My Dominion Family.. my EB po tyo When: April 17 2010 Where: Maldhita's Shop AKA Reckin ung mga sure n sasama tell us po.. para msundo kau qng san kau mang gagaling.. sure n sure n po i2.. e2 n final sked.. sna mdmi mksama.. kht malayo hahatid namen kau s mismong sakayan dont worry.. bonding with domi family.. more eb to come.. ^___^ pls attend.. thanks
  7. i will hosting an event again see yah on sunday 1pm
  8. pg saturday n walang woe ung ibang guild papa event ko all novice breaking.. hahah 2nd jobs muna next week
  9. nice event.. hope you enjoy our event guys..! please stay humble.. respect our family.. do not Trash Talk.. Respect more to the pioneer of the guild.. if you want anything or any suggestion in our events.. just tell us.. Event is Exclusive for Dominion Family.. this summer we will have an EB.. Venue manila (Place: House ni ????? pagbobotohan pa) sana makapunta si ayah from davao to manila hahahaha.. XD i love my Family.. ^__________^
  10. yup.. dominion site is always active.. ^___^
  11. magiingat n tlga ako XD.. byan pulubs LKH lng bbenta p ky h2.. hahaha
  12. hahaha.. yaan mo n tol.. nsa guild chat room tyo.. sana walang sawsaw.. XD alam nila panu ko sila saluduhan..
  13. cnu b un? last december ba un? taz ika-3rd week ata ng dec un ? :) :angry: bat bglang naglaho? magmamarch n ata ngaun ah? B) shhh locked behave :) ^_^
  14. meeting saan? pra saan po?