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AGN Players:

Once again we would like to remind everyone that account security is YOUR responsibility and we are making solid and positive steps to address the rise of hacked and compromised AsCabal accounts. We are putting additional measures to protect your accounts. An investigation is also being made regarding the recent hacking events with the help of our Agn Staff and concerned authorities.

We would also like to address again the rumors of the one behind these hacking incidents. There is no truth to these rumors.Aside from that, We have Auto banned system to monitor the hacker in-game and prevent others from accessing our internal systems.

Again, we would like to once more remind each and every one to please take the necessary precautions to secure your accounts.

Here are some of the ways on how you can protect your account:

1. Use a unique password. Refrain from using easy-to-guess passwords such as your birthday, mobile number or character name. Your password should be at least eight (8) characters long and composed of alphanumeric characters.

2. Periodically change your password.

3. Never share your account details with anyone, including people who claim to be GMs. Real GMs will never ask for your account password. Using "pilots" for your accounts will also greatly increase the risks of being hacked.

4. Always sweep your PC for keyloggers and malware using an updated anti-virus and/or anti-malware software before you log-in.

5. Never use third-party programs.

Most third-party programs come bundled with stealth malware and keyloggers which can expose your account details to other people.

6. When playing in an net-Café,make sure no one else is looking before typing your username and password to avoid being "eye-logged".

7.Account Sharing Is against the rules. You can lend your account to your friends if you really trust that person, If you want more secured then DON'T let others borrow/share your accounts.

Almost every case of a "hacked" account is because of one of the above. If you give other people your password, do not be surprised when they change it on you and take the account.

Use good security, do not click on random links, give anyone your password, or download some strange program that someone says is cool.

We can not help you if you don't help yourself, our security has never been breached, every case of a "hacked" account has been a case where security was breached by the owner of the account.

NOTE: Please be assured that we shall do everything possible to resolve this case in the soonest possible time

Be smart , be safe and enjoy the game,



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Im agree for this .  Nows a days many player have scam /hack   This law  must Always know all  and to reminders to all player .  In forum or in the Game. 

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