AsCabal Brains and Brawn BM3 Event

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Prove that you've got what it takes to acquire the much-coveted BM3 skill book!

Presenting AsCabal's BRAINS AND BRAWN BM3 EVENT--


Test your smarts and Cabal know-how against your opponents...

Or engage them in a fierce battle of one-on-one skills!


We'll start with 8 players and eliminate participants until we get to the champion. We'll have two champions--one for the BRAINS event and another one for the BRAWN event--who will each get a BM3 skill book.

1. Only the first 16 players (8 for BRAINS, 8 for BRAWN) to sign up for the event here in the forum are allowed to join. To sign up, just reply to this topic in the following format:

<in-game name>, <choice of event>

e.g., Aviva, BRAINS

That's it!

2. You may only join one event, not both.

3. All decisions are final and not subject to reappeal.

4. Players who disrupt the event will be given a 3-day in-game suspension.


Date: March 29, 2013, Friday

Time: 4:00PM, GMT +8

Place: Bloody Ice, channel 3


1. The quiz bee will have three rounds, namely, easy, medium, and hard. The easy and medium rounds will consist of multiple-choice questions while the hard round will require you to supply the answer that is needed.

2. You have to answer quickly--first to answer gets the points.

3. The easy round will consist of 20 questions. At the end of the round, only the 4 highest scorers will move on to the medium round.

4. The medium round will consist of 10 questions. At the end of the round, only the 2 highest scorers will move on to the hard round.

5. The hard round will consist of three questions. The first player to get two answers correct will be declared the champion.

6. Ties will be settled by rolling the dice.


Date: March 30, 2013, Saturday

Time: 4:00PM, GMT +8

Place: Desert Scream, channel 3


1. The PVP event will have three rounds. Two players will be matched against each other, resulting in four matches in the first round, two matches in the second round, and one match in the final round, which will determine the champion. Matches will be determined randomly.

2. There are no level and class rank restrictions. However, participate at your own risk; because the matches will be drawn randomly, a lower-level character may be pitted against a max-level character.

3. Participants are required to take off their suits, boots, and gloves. They are only allowed to wear their helms (which they must show), epaulets, and accessories during the event.

4. Participants are also not allowed to use any kind of buff skill and Life Capsules.

5. Battle modes, auras, fade, and dash may be used.

6. Matches will be done one at a time. Each participant is required to be in a party with a GM.

What are you waiting for? Join now!

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Rizza06 BRAINS

We already have 8 participants for the Brains event, but you will be able to participate IF someone backs out. Thanks!

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Today's Brains event will be moved to 5PM. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Congratulations to MeisterKirisaki and Mars for winning the Brains and Brawn events, respectively. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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