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[GUIDE] Creating an Emblem in Adobe Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop is an advanced photo-editor that you can use for making a Guild Emblem. There are many photo-editors out there but this is one of the most commonly used. Let's take a glimpse of what's inside.

Usually, it looks like this:

Now, if you want to make an Emblem, let's follow the instructions here:

First, download the required plug-in based on the guide/link above.

Second, click the "File" above and then click "New".


After that, this window should appear and follow the format below.

If you do that correctly, a small white box will appear. And in that box is where you gonna make your Emblem. And it looks like this:


(Note: There's a zoom on the bottom left. Default is: 100%)

For newbies, How to use Adobe Photoshop tools to get started?
Check out Mr. YouTube and type-in this keyword: Adobe Photoshop Tutorial.

When you're done making your emblem, save it as DDS format as stated on the instructions.
And rename it as "Emblem".

And when this window appears: (Just click Save and DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!)


Then follow the rest of the instructions on the Guide link that I have provided.

I hope this topic helps you!

Focus and Good Luck! :thumbsu:

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You can also start with a large canvas so you can see everything clearly. I usually start with a 900x900 canvas then just resize it to 16x16 (the required emblem size) when I'm done. Don't put in too much details because they won't be seen anyway. :wink:

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The truth is, the reason I started this topic is because some players really don't know how to use this and they just keep bugging me in-game or on my Facebook account cause they want me to make them an Guild Emblem :wallbash:. I told them that I can only guide them about this (no matter how long it will take) because the design is for them to make. And also I want them to learn how to use this thing and not always to rely something to someone. :gym:

Anyway, we have the same way of designing Ma'am Aviva.. :thumbsu:

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