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[GUIDE] BM3 Synergy

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This is a guide for Battle Mode 3 synergy. Each synergy has its unique effect and is effective in different scenarios.

We can use 3 synergies at a time, so I will also write down what I think is best for dungeons and mission wars.

Let's start with

Force Archer:


-Sharp shooting + Critical shooting + Enhanced shooting = Damage.

*Suggestion: Use only specialty level 1, and go back to activating the synergy.

After the first activation, use the special buffs that amplifies your damage.

-Use Healing intensive when dealing with dungeon boss that uses spike attack/fatal blow. This is helpful in FT2 and B3F dungeons.

Force Shielder:


-Disarm+Use weak points+Extreme Critical = Damage.

-Use absolute defense when dealing with Adik Tyrant and Golem. It is also helpful in dungeon boss by activating this synergy combined with aggro buff. This is also effective when blocking in mission war. Make sure to activate it after you use Art of Defense.

Force Blader:


-Share Pain+Increase critical+Chain Pain = Always.

Suggestion: Use level 1 specialty only then go back to activating it.

-Do not use hit interfere :)



-Break Armor+Explode Anger + Increased Fighting Spirit = Damage

Suggestion: Use it with special buffs that increases your damage + debuff

-Willingness Strengthen is used in blocking in mission wars. Do not use it with explode anger and break armor as it will nullify the increase in defense.



-This is by far the best set of synergies. You can combine any of these and use special buffs that amplifies your damage.

Suggestion: Do not use Deadly Awakening/Increased Fighting spirit when dealing with bosses that deals high damage or uses spike attack.



-Breakthrough+Concentrate Spell+Burst of Magic = Damage

Suggestion: Use this synergy together with magic amplifier for maximum damage.

-Resistance blockade is use in blocking in mission wars.

Note: Remember that in the end, how you handle your character is still the most important thing. Know when to and not to use the skills you have.

Feel free to comment your thoughts about this.

*For update*

(Credits to Raven and Mr.Wormy for the pictures)

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thans po

How many times do I have to warn you to use English in the forum and stop spamming? Don't you have any reading comprehension at all?

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